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Life at Schibsted


Created Tinder app for news

We all know the idea of Tinder: you like somebody, the photo goes to the right. You don’t? Slide the image to the left. But what would happen if we could do the same with news?

Here are our top five blog posts in April

Our new Developers´blog has been a success so far. Here are the five most popular blog posts in April.

Built tool to help journalists report live

It used to be technically challenging to set up. Now journalists in the Norwegian media house Adresseavisen can start live coverage of a big news event in a matter of minutes.

Popular Open Day for students

70 students spent the afternoon in Schibsted Tech Polska, eager to hear more about the company and our Summer Internship Program.

Special task force for Schibsted companies

They call themselves SEALs and aspire to be a special task force for Schibsted companies with need for extra coding power. 

Here is our new office floor

Schibsted Tech Polska is expanding – and we now rent two floors in the Avatar building in Krakow. Here are photos.

Micro services workshop in Kraków

More of our teams use micro services when developing new projects. We gathered participants from Norway, Sweden and Krakow to share our experiences. 

Welcome to the new!

Schibsted Tech Polska´s website has been completely redesigned. Let me tell you why!

Open Day for students on April 17th

Interested in our Summer Internship Program? Thinking that an innovative Scandinavian IT company may be the place to work? Join our Open Day for students.

Here is Schibsted Tech Polska´s own talk show

Cultural differences, the product manager role, women in IT and how to recruit the best programmers were the topics discussed in Schibsted Tech Polska´s first talk show: STP Talks. 

10 sites that inspire our designers

Their job is to create fantastic user experiences. But what sites inspire the designers? 

A colorful day at the office

Women in Schibsted Tech Polska celebrated the International Women´s Day by making the most beautiful flower bouquets.