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Life at Schibsted


An easier way for journalists to test their headlines

  Writing a catchy headline is crucial for journalists. Here is how the Aftenposten team in Schibsted Tech Polska helps journalists test their headlines. 

Two great events for mobile developers in Gdansk

Schibsted Tech Polska is co-organizing two mobile meetups in Gdansk in January.

Getting ready to make the perfect music experience

The streaming music service WiMP is the first partner in Schibsted Tech Polska with a product in the Polish market.

Giving family in need a Merry Christmas

Acting with their hearts employees in Schibsted Tech Polska have decided to make this Christmas the happiest ever for a single mother and her four children. 

Five videos that tell about Schibsted Tech Polska

2014 is nearing its end – and it is time to wrap up the year. Here are five videos which in different ways tell about the Schibsted Tech Polska company culture.

How to land a great job as programmer

They have seen thousands of CVs. Here are our recruiters´ eight top tips for how you can land the programmer job of your dreams.  

STP Hack Day with creative projects

What a day of fun and creativity! Here are the three top presentations from STP Hack Day 2014. 

From sceptical to enthusiastic employee representatives

Employee representative in the company board? Piotr Knapik worried it would be a blame bucket. Today he is enthusiastic owner of the role. 

Developed scalable event engine for city guides

Take lots of concerts, exhibits and films. Throw in restaurants, museums and pubs.   Welcome to Event Engine 2.0!

Learned from Scandinavian mobile success stories

Native? HTML5? Hybrid apps? Different approaches were presented in Schibsted Tech Polska´s first Mobile Development Meetup in Gdansk on November 12. 

The next STP Hack Day will be on November 27

Hack Days have always been part of Schibsted Tech Polska´s way of working. On November 27 we will meet, code and have fun for the sixth time.  Here is why.

Schibsted Tech Polska´s offices in Gdansk officially opened

Schibsted Tech Polska´s offices in Gdansk have been officially opened.