Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published June 14, 2015

All dots connected! TEDxKrakow 2015

This Saturday we were present at TEDxKrakow. The event was a part of the global TED community, known for its powerful talks about “ideas worth spreading”. 

The motto of TEDxKrakow – “Reconnect the dots” – was inspired by the world around us and the constant changes we experience. According to the organizers, the concept of “local” is no longer associated with a particular place or point in space, and the same trends can be seen in different locations.


During the event, the speakers referred to different initiatives opening our eyes and minds to new ideas. They also gave the audience a chance to find new answers to old questions. The speeches covered various subjects, from human brain and body capabilities to the power of technology.




But the participants could do much more than just listening! They were also invited to enjoy the Demo Alley where the organizers gathered some interesting startups and new technologies.


Sponsoring a good cause

The TED movement is all about spreading ideas and that fits well the concept of Schibsted, so we decided to support the event in Krakow. Schibsted Tech Polska was a bronze partner of TEDxKrakow and sponsored 2 Smartwatches for the participants of the conference. To win one, the contestants had to describe their idea of promoting one of the speakers.



Read more about the conference here.

Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published June 14, 2015