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Schibsted Tech Talks #5 !

Schibsted Tech Talks #4 is around the corner!

Get ready for the Schibsted Tech Talks meet.js edition!

Schibsted Tech Talk #2

Tym razem porozmawiamy o trendach w IT, które mogę wpłynąć na zmianę kariery.

Schibsted Tech Talk is back!

Schibsted Tech Talk

Tym razem porozmawiamy o wydajności kodu. Naszym gościem specjalnym będzie Jarosław Pałka.

Leadership Tech Talks – advance your career!

Join us to talk about career opportunities in the tech world.

Communication Tech Talks

Join us to learn how to make your communication with business smooth and effective.

Lerna Tech Talks online!

Join us for the Lerna workshops with live coding session and the Q&A.

Leadership Tech Talks online!

Join us for the very first Tech Talks online! We invited our Engineering Managers to share their leadership experience based on real-life cases.

Let’s talk JS!

JS Tech Talks

Join us for the first Tech Talks at our brand new office in Krakow! Gain the best coding practices and have a beer with other frontend devs.

Leadership Tech Talks – join us!

What does it take to be a successful tech leader? Our Engineering Managers will share their insights – you can’t miss it!

Get ready for JS Tech Talks

Join our meetup in Gdańsk to learn about the best programming practices and meet other frontend developers!