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Life at Schibsted


Prestigous awards to “STP projects”

World Digital Media Award to VG´s – and the next night Schibsted Innovation Award to Aftenposten +. In both projects Schibsted Tech Polska (STP) did most of the technical development.

Swedish media group joins STP as partner

The Swedish media group Nya Wermlands-Tidningen is partner number 16 for Schibsted Tech Polska.

Mobile Development Meetup in Gdansk on Nov. 12

Learn from leading Scandinavian media services! On Wednesday, November 12 we invite to a free meetup about mobile development in our new offices in Gdansk. 

Ten practical tips for young Java web developers

After years of solid experience as a Java web developer: Here is what team leader Mateusz Kwasniewski would like to know if he started his career today. 

Here are five presentations from our programmers

Get a quick overview of some of our projects right now. Here are short presentations from our last “Super Demo”. 

How Schibsted will compete with Google and Facebook

Schibsted´s biggest competitors are not other media houses, but Google, Facebook and Linkedin, says Frode Eilertsen, EVP for Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Helping readers alert each other about traffic jams

A new mobile app developed in Schibsted Tech Polska will let commuters in the Norwegian city Stavanger alert each other live about traffic jams. 

Do not want to be coding experts in secret

They are coding experts – and love to share. This weekend you can listen to Schibsted Tech Polska employees at both Meet.js Summit in Poznan and PHPCon in Szczyrk.

“Life-changing experience” for summer interns

More than 100 students applied to Schibsted Tech Polska´s summer intern program. Only four were selected – and all of them will now be working for the company while finishing their studies. 

Schibsted Tech Polska in brand new office building in Gdansk

After months between boxes in temporary offices, Schibsted Tech Polska´s employees in Gdansk have moved to one of the most modern and newest office complexes in the city. 

Created playground for grown-up media house

The development team in Krakow was given almost full freedom to choose technology when the Norwegian newspaper Fevennen launched a city guide for young people. 

Playing farmers for a day at STP´s summer event

With office days filled by computers and coding: What is better than getting out on the countryside for some fun team-building?