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Life at Schibsted


Summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska – 2019 edition!

Thinking about rocket-boosting your career as a software engineer? Work on real projects, on #codethatmatters, with passionate people always willing to help you? It’s time for the 2019 edition of our well-known summer internship!

Next Tech Talks all about Java and Scala

Join us for Tech Talks to broaden your Java and Scala skills, and have a beer with other software developers.

Join us for PHP Training in Gdańsk!

Join our workshops to learn how to enhance your code with PHPSpec & Behat, and meet other PHP developers!

Join us for Android Tech Talks in Gdańsk!

Join our meetup to learn about best programming practices and have a beer with other mobile developers!

Impact Mapping Training

Make a big impact with software products and projects.

Schibsted Tech Polska moves to High5ive in 2019

Our headquarters will get a significant upgrade coming late 2019. Hello & High5Five It is time to move closer to the beautiful city center of Kraków! Today we are revealing plans of moving to the High5ive complex, located on Pawia street (next to Galeria Krakowska and the main station). Our plan

Summer internship 2018 – kick off

Another record-breaking edition of our summer internship!

Moving to Olivia Star

It’s the first day on 21st floor in Olivia Star in Gdańsk! Spectacular view is a new addition to the long list of benefits waiting for employees in the Gdańsk offices of Schibsted Tech Polska. We are more than happy to share that we have just moved to the highest

SQL Training sessions

Join our workshops in Kraków and Gdańsk to learn how to effectively manage databases.

Spring event – fun and professional activities

We’ve met halfway to celebrate the spring season in the beautiful natural surroundings, and to have fun together!

Summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska – 2018 Edition – Gdańsk

Starting career as a software engineer? There is not better way than joining our team of passionate engineers & work on code that matters. Read about our summer internship in 2018!

Google I/O Extended Gdańsk 2018

Google I/O Extended

We’re back with Google I/O Extended Gdańsk – the local edition of the most interesting Google Event of the year!