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Life at Schibsted


Schibsted Tech Talks #4 is around the corner!

10th edition of our summer internship!

Are you ready to boost your software engineer career?

Meet the Admarket Team at Schibsted!

Admarket – the simplest and quickest way for advertisers to reach the Nordic population.

Get ready for the Schibsted Tech Talks meet.js edition!

Ukrainian job seekers: we need your competence!

We want to help Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to flee their country.

Is the Scandinavian work model popular in Poland?

Interview with Wojtek and Krzysiek from our SEALS team.

Meet the Inventory Team at Schibsted!

The advertising world is much more complicated than one might think.

Schibsted to donate NOK 1 million to support independent Ukrainian news media

A week has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. One of our main priorities as a company is being a solid owner of independent news media, free and able to report from the war.

Schibsted Tech Talk #2

Tym razem porozmawiamy o trendach w IT, które mogę wpłynąć na zmianę kariery.

How to store subscriptions?

A practical guide and analysis of 3 selected databases.

November – a month of moustache

How does the Privacy Services team at Schibsted work?

Allowing users to control their own data.