Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published August 3, 2015

Created a smart app to help orphans

With an app to help orphans, Jakub Wasilewski won the Schibsted Tech Polska Summer Hack Day 2015. The first prize: 5000 PLN is to be given to a charity of his choice.

13 projects competed for the prize – all designed to help local charities. But the winner was a project developed by one programmer alone – in 8 hours.

Meet Jakub in this video

“Wish Well is a small web application for people who want to help children at orphanages,” explains Jakub Wasilewski in this video.

“You pick an orphanage near you, and you see a list of small wishes the children may have. With just a few clicks you can order those items from an internet store, which sends it directly to the orphanage and the child receives the gift promptly.”

Wasilewski is a developer in the so-called Editorial Mobile team in Schibsted Tech Polska. The team works with several of the leading subscription newspapers in Norway.

But this year he decided to do the Hack Day project alone. That meant it had to be done in a simple and fast way. During a hack day the programmers have only eight hours to complete their project. This restraint often leads to amazing creativity.

5000 PLN to a charity

The first prize was 5000 PLN. But the winner does not get to keep the money for himself. Instead he will pick a charity that will receive the money.

Jakub Wasilewski says he has not yet decided which charity will receive the money, but he expects it to be an organization that works with children and developing their skills.

As winner he is also given one more work day to complete the project. And he believes it has potential in the real life:

“It can both work stand-alone or in a partnership with an internet store,” he says in the video.

The other projects

12 other projects competed with “Wish Well” about the first prize. Here is the list:

1. Sh*t happens

A garbage can that makes cleaning fun! The device produces different sounds once someone places a piece of garbage in it. It also has the following functions: stats, photos, sharing, and gamification.

2. QuickUpper

Presentations for everyone! The online solution can be used to create presentations on the basis of predefined templates. It is easy to use and accessible even for kids from primary schools.

3. Feed the dog

Special website for dogs, where you can feed an animal with no effort! All you need to do is to click on an image of a dog of your choice. You can do so up to 2 times per day.

4. Path Finder

With this solution in place, you can find your path to any destination in any building. Use it to find your location, then select your target. The application will find the route for you!

5. Take me for a walk

There are numbers of homeless dogs living in different shelters. They all need to be taken for a walk and this website makes it easy for you to take a dog from a shelter for a walk. You can book the time in the application, and the dog will be waiting for you.

6. Money donations from the phone

How many times have you walked next to a donation stand with your debit card only? No cash, no donation? The team created a mobile app solving this problem. Help charities by scanning a QR code which allows transferring money to them.

7. enably.ng

This is an online map showing areas easy to access by people with disabilities. It shows the location and pictures submitted by anyone who sees an obstacle. Moreover, images can also represent amenities for the disabled!

8. Live Rally Results

This online application shows live rally results. The spectators can view the results of different stages of a rally, and the participants can enter the results of different stages of the race.

9. Uapa.pl

This website gathers information about dogs and cats from different shelters and allows easy adoption by clicking a button on the website.

10. dodge.it

With this mobile and desktop application you can mark a spot that poses threat to cyclists.

11. Czysty Kraków

The app allows sending information about rubbish you just noticed. You can take a picture and send it directly from your phone. It will be accompanied by the exact location of the trash.

12. Blood app

In order to allow more people to donate blood and inform about emergency situations, the developers created an application for both blood donors and recipients. They can register and get information when their blood is needed or when is it available.

See the Hack Day Video

Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published August 3, 2015