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Life at Schibsted


Do not want to be coding experts in secret

They are coding experts – and love to share. This weekend you can listen to Schibsted Tech Polska employees at both Meet.js Summit in Poznan and PHPCon in Szczyrk.

“Life-changing experience” for summer interns

More than 100 students applied to Schibsted Tech Polska´s summer intern program. Only four were selected – and all of them will now be working for the company while finishing their studies. 

Schibsted Tech Polska in brand new office building in Gdansk

After months between boxes in temporary offices, Schibsted Tech Polska´s employees in Gdansk have moved to one of the most modern and newest office complexes in the city. 

Created playground for grown-up media house

The development team in Krakow was given almost full freedom to choose technology when the Norwegian newspaper Fevennen launched a city guide for young people. 

Playing farmers for a day at STP´s summer event

With office days filled by computers and coding: What is better than getting out on the countryside for some fun team-building?

“Dream team” made new video platform a success

Half a million video views daily gave the programmers no room for errors when the new video platform for Norway´s largest news site was launched. – It is simply a dream to work with our team in Krakow, says Erik Saastad in VGTV.

Student loves to share his programming knowledge

He is 22 years old and has already presented at Poland´s largest conference for Java developers.  -I love to share my knowledge, says software developer Tomasz Lelek.

Wants to make Schibsted a technology-focused organization

With background as a top tech executive in Google, the new Chief Technology Officer in Schibsted Media Group wants to make Schibsted a technology-focused organization. 

Crucial to get workflow right when developing mobile app

The task was clear: Help Swedes lose weight!  But for the developers the biggest challenge was to get good communication and a continuous delivery process in place. 

Win PHPcon 2014 ticket

Scandinavian partners praise high quality of work

High quality of work is the biggest benefit of cooperating with Schibsted Tech Polska, according to a survey among Scandinavian partners. 

Start-up feel for first STP programmers in Gdansk

All our employees are always happy. Photo: Bullshit Photography

Between unpacked boxes in temporary offices the first programmers have started to work for Schibsted Tech Polska in Gdansk.