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Life at Schibsted


Here is Schibsted Tech Polska´s own talk show

Cultural differences, the product manager role, women in IT and how to recruit the best programmers were the topics discussed in Schibsted Tech Polska´s first talk show: STP Talks. 

10 sites that inspire our designers

Their job is to create fantastic user experiences. But what sites inspire the designers? 

A colorful day at the office

Women in Schibsted Tech Polska celebrated the International Women´s Day by making the most beautiful flower bouquets. 

Check the video from the Schibsted Tech Polska Winter Event

180 people in an inspiring conference. Then fun winter activities – and in the evening the STP Awards ceremony and a great party. See the Schibsted Tech Polska Winter Event video 2015. 

Four tips to present your tech project better

Natalia Szczesniak gives her final presentation at the Powerful Business Presentations training in Schibsted Tech Polska

Your code is perfect. The solution works. You want to tell fellow programmers. But how? Here are four tips from the experts. 

Project of the Year fixes holes in Oslo´s streets

Aftenposten´s Fiks Dette is Project of the Year in Schibsted Tech Polska. So far almost 3000 small and big issues in Oslo´s streets have been fixed thanks to the application built in Krakow. 

Improvement of the Year with a touch of Steve Jobs

“A revolutionary product that changes everything!”  No modesty was present when the SNT Editorial team won the Schibsted Tech Polska Improvement of the Year award. 

How the underdogs became the Team of the Year

Kamil Wolny and Tomasz Kalfas from the Bergens Tidende team won the STP Award "Team of the Year". Photo: John Einar Sandvand

The two seniors in the team left. But that did not stop the colleagues from winning the Schibsted Tech Polska Team of the Year award during the company´s annual Winter Event. 

STP Winter Event stuffed with inspiration and fun

180 participants. Engaging program. Talk show. Amazing project presentations. Snow mobiles. Hovercraft. Spa. Party. And much more. Here are 20 snapshots from the Schibsted Tech Polska Winter Event 2015. 

And off we go for the STP Winter Event 2015!

From Norway, Sweden, Krakow and Gdansk: 180 happy people today travel to the Mazurian lakes in Poland for the Schibsted Tech Polska Winter Event 2015!

5 projects that show what we do

At any time more than 30 projects are under development in Schibsted Tech Polska. Here are five good examples of work we do. 

An easier way for journalists to test their headlines

  Writing a catchy headline is crucial for journalists. Here is how the Aftenposten team in Schibsted Tech Polska helps journalists test their headlines.