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Life at Schibsted


Kudos idea from Poland spreads to other Schibsted offices

In the spring a new tool helped employees in Schibsted Tech Polska praise each other for good work. Now the Kudos tool is rolled out to Schibsted employees in Oslo, Stockholm, London and Barcelona.

Tour the future with Schibsted Future Report 2017

Artificial intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of Things, personalized news and virtual reality. Those are among the hottest trends for 2017 according to Schibsted Future Report 2017.

High quality most important reason to work with Schibsted Tech Polska

For the third year in a row, the partners of Schibsted Tech Polska put “high quality of work” as the most important reason to develop software in Poland.

Why would you code for 24 hours?

It’s OK to code for night and day, really. Especially when you do it during a Hack Day and you want everyone to see how great your project is. We tried it! And got 23 awesome projects as a result of this Summer Hack Day.

Summer interns used more than 80 different technologies

After eight intense weeks of coding, the summer interns from Schibsted Tech Polska finally got to present their work for colleagues in Scandinavia.

New site manager in Gdansk

Filip Szczucki joins Schibsted Tech Polska as site manager in Gdansk.

Record interest in summer internship at Schibsted Tech Polska

Chosen from almost 300 applicants: This week 13 students started their summer internship at Schibsted Tech Polska.

Software engineers tempted by the Norwegian work culture

400 software engineers curious about the Norwegian work culture! The Norwegian IT Night Tricity brought them together with 12 Norwegian software companies.

Enthusiastic colleagues on a rescue mission

The Schibsted Tech Polska Summer Event 2016 was all about survival and learning to help each other in emergencies.

Most new hires learned about Schibsted from friends

Most new hires in Schibsted Tech Polska heard about the company through word-of-mouth. Friends already working in the company are also crucial sources of information in the recruitment process.

Schibsted Tech Polska certified as Friendly Recruiter

Applying for a job should be a positive experience – even when you are rejected! Now Schibsted Tech Polska is a certified Friendly Recruiter!

Curious teenagers learned how to become a programmer

What shall we do to become programmers? 15 curious teenagers got the inside story by visiting the Gdansk office of Schibsted Tech Polska.