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Life at Schibsted


Summer Internship at the right place

The internship program at Schibsted Tech Polska opens its gates once again! So get yourselves ready for the adventure in the world of real programming.

How Norway’s biggest news site protects itself from DDoS attacks

Every day hackers attack Norway´s largest news site, VG.  But not without risks. VG has both helped the police put hackers behind bars and alerted mothers about what their adventurous sons are up to.

What’s new in the JS world?

Meet.js in collaboration with Schibsted Tech Polska organized another event for the Javascript enthusiasts on February 18th. Get a glimpse of the experience here.

Many open positions in our Gdansk office!

Be part of this unique software team in Gdansk! There are many open positions for developers in different technologies right now!

Useful goodies for developers won Improvement of the Year

It is all about sharing solutions with colleagues. FastenOSS from the Schibsted Norway Editorial Mobile Team won the Schibsted Tech Polska Improvement of the Year award 2015.

Here is the STP Winter Event 2016 video!

Get the feel of it! The Schibsted Tech Polska´s annual Winter Events are bombs of fun and inspiration! Here is the video from this year’s event!

Project of the Year helps journalists drive traffic to their stories

Great journalists need smart tools: the Schibsted Tech Polska Project of the Year helps journalists optimize traffic to their stories.

Blogger of the Year motivated by readers´feedback

Android developer Jacek Kwiecień is Schibsted Tech Polska´s first “Blogger of the Year”.  “Blogging has made me a better developer,” he says.

See the photos from the STP Winter Event 2016!

210 participants from five countries created a fun and inspirational Schibsted Tech Polska Winter Event 2016. Here are the photos.

How this team builds a new payment system for Schibsted

They better get it right! The payment system this Krakow team builds may be used by up to 200 million people around the world.

STP Hack Day: When the force of creativity awakens

The STP Hack Days is when the force of creativity in the company awakens – this time with Star Wars as theme. Check the fun video!

Moved entire media platform into the cloud

Having to change IT provider, the Swedish media group Nya Wermlands-Tidningen made a bold move: the entire online media platform was moved into the cloud.