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About us

Who are we at Schibsted Tech Polska?

We empowering innovation through collaboration

Schibsted Tech Polska, a joint venture between two leading Nordic entities – a major media house, and a dynamic marketplace leader.

With over 300 software engineers in Kraków and Gdańsk, we provide high-quality technological solutions that support the operations and innovations of both parent companies, within two business areas:

Schibsted Marketplaces

platforms, and applications for the leading marketplaces in the Nordics

Schibsted Media

Newspapers and all the modern tools that help news media stay competitive

What makes us unique?

At Schibsted Tech Polska, we embrace a Scandinavian work culture prized for its emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and work-life balance. We foster an environment that not only values technological expertise but also emphasizes the importance of interpersonal connections and collaboration.

Engaging in over 50 diverse projects, from maintaining existing applications to developing cutting-edge technologies, our employees thrive in a dynamic setting that encourages innovation through teamwork. Our mission is to deliver high-quality solutions while creating an environment where developers can realize their full potential.

Our culture & community

We are a vibrant community of professionals with a passion. What sets us apart are our unique initiatives focused on knowledge sharing, promoting an atmosphere of mutual learning and continuous improvement. Our community brings together leaders from various technological fields, providing unparalleled opportunities to gain insights into industry trends.