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Temperature sensor library for Raspberry Pi written in Go

Little cartoon hero sitting on a big Raspberry Pi device

This article explains how to build a simple Go library for the Ds18b20 temperature sensor without using any external repositories besides Go built-in libraries. Project components This small project comprises: Devices and components: Ds18b20 temperature sensor (more details: ​​ ) 4.7k Ohm resistor Raspberry Pi 2B (should also work fine

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Frameworkifying Express API with Typescript decorators

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A practical guide and analysis of 3 selected databases.

Code with us #02 – Kudos list

Welcome to the second episode of the “Code with us” Flutter series. In this episode, we will build together a list of kudos in which every single item is presented as a separated tile with the names of the giver, recipient, and a description. At the very top of the

Code with us #01 – Onboarding UI for Beginners

Episode 1 - Onboarding UI baner

In this episode we will build together an onboarding component, which introduces users to functionalities of your application. Onboarding UI is a typical way to show advantages of your app as well as to inform users about the benefits it gives to them. You can watch the video instead of