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Elixir for JavaScript developers: first impressions

What I genuinely value at my workplace is that I can easily explore new languages through internal mobility. Throughout my career within Schibsted, I have been building things with JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Kotlin, and recently Elixir. Where do we use Elixir? At Helthjem, which is one of the companies under

Debugging Frontend part 1 – console

  Console API is one of the most commonly used tools for debugging, offering much more than just simple log methods. Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t use Console API in most cases in production code. It may be helpful if you need to debug production code, but such

AWS SSO authentication which doesn’t annoy developers

Some time ago, our central cloud governance team was piloting a new way of authentication towards AWS via AWS SSO. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to revise our current flow, draw conclusions and proceed with some improvements. I was asked to provide support in this regard. My

CarPlay Testing: Tips and Tricks for Smooth Drive 

  Implementing CarPlay support for your iOS application can be easily made with great online resources (check out the article below). However, I want to share some tips for testing your CarPlay implementation in this article. Testing CarPlay can be an enjoyable part of the development process, especially for iOS

Developing inside a box

Utilising the Remote – Containers extension for VSCode The idea of an executable “box” – a container with encapsulated application code and system-related dependencies – seems to become increasingly popular and even perceived as a standard nowadays. Such a container is easy to recreate if something goes wrong. It’s also

How to simplify tedious tasks with NFC (& Flutter)

Production ready Flutter – apps deploy automation

Ultimate Terraform project structure

Is Module Federation the future of Front-end development?

Be up to date even more – low latency streaming to the rescue

JavaScript Dilemma: null or undefined

Temperature sensor library for Raspberry Pi written in Go

Little cartoon hero sitting on a big Raspberry Pi device

This article explains how to build a simple Go library for the Ds18b20 temperature sensor without using any external repositories besides Go built-in libraries. Project components This small project comprises: Devices and components: Ds18b20 temperature sensor (more details: ​​ ) 4.7k Ohm resistor Raspberry Pi 2B (should also work fine