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Creating Real-Time News Experience with iOS Live Activities

  Introduction As iOS users, we are all familiar with them. When we buy a cup of coffee using one of the ordering apps, they pop up. Live activities show on the lock screen and dynamic island. They display the most recent data from our apps and update their content.

The Fundamentals of iOS at News Destinations Engineering

  We firmly believe that access to information is not just a privilege – it’s a fundamental human right. At Schibsted, we have a simple mission: to make independent journalism thrive with products people love. Recent events like the global pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the conflict in

Integration Testing Deep Dive Part II

1. Introduction   In the first part of this article we implemented many integration tests covering the most common external services that most applications use, including databases and REST APIs. We also looked at the exact setup that is needed to create an efficient integration tests suite for your application,

Schibsted Tech Tracks: Jakub Gwóźdź

  What does your technical path look like? My career began on November 2, 1998, as a Unix administrator at the university where I studied computer sciences. Although I knew I wanted to be a programmer and not a system operator, I was also curious what other IT career paths

Integration Testing Deep Dive Part I

1. Overview   Professionals well-versed in  The Testing Pyramid recognize the pivotal role Integration Tests play in contemporary backend (micro)services development. In this article I will try to make a deep dive into one of my favourite ways of setting up Integration Tests suite for Java/Kotlin applications. It encompasses a

Schibsted Tech Tracks: Weronika Kleemann-Czarakcziew

  What does your technical path look like? I started as a summer intern at Schibsted Tech Polska. Thankfully, I was offered to stay, so I started a regular job as a frontend developer. I worked part-time, as I was still studying back then. Upon graduation, I transitioned to full-time

How to inject dependencies in TypeScript?

An object-oriented approach in the JS world   The development of many front-end applications is oriented rather to the functional and declarative paradigm. This approach facilitates solving problems specific to this type of software – e.g. making the displayed view a function of the application state. In the case of

Android Tech Discussion

  Preface In this article, I would like to introduce you to our way of working regarding the tech side of our projects. You will learn what is behind our Android Tech Discussion and how we tackle technical challenges by giving each team member a voice.  Introduction to our team

Should you run your own API Gateway? – Spring Cloud Gateway

  Before answering the question above, let’s see why having an API gateway is essential in a modern, microservice-based infrastructure. A quick Google search for “what’s an API gateway” will yield answers to the tune of: An API gateway is an API management tool put in place between clients and

Next.js in news media

  This article will outline our experiences with Next.js from initial research somewhere in 2020 to the current day, where we have used Next.js in multiple projects. Over time we ran into various problems, and we are not proud of some of the solutions we came up with. To make

Elixir for JavaScript developers: first impressions

What I genuinely value at my workplace is that I can easily explore new languages through internal mobility. Throughout my career within Schibsted, I have been building things with JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Kotlin, and recently Elixir. Where do we use Elixir? At Helthjem, which is one of the companies under

Debugging Frontend part 1 – console

  Console API is one of the most commonly used tools for debugging, offering much more than just simple log methods. Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t use Console API in most cases in production code. It may be helpful if you need to debug production code, but such