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Going global with the old project

Mobile apps internationalization story.

Beyond the Code #13 – Understanding business

Business & software development shouldn’t be divided by an invisible wall.

9 reasons why terraform is a pain, and 1 why you should still care

Working with Terraform can be difficult and cumbersome, but it’s still worth it.

Beyond the Code #12 – Feedback

The art of giving & receiving feedback.

Anonymizing logs for GDPR using Logback pattern layout

Logs are usually super useful, but they can also be a trap in a GDPR world. Effective ways of anonymizing them might become in handy.

Top tech events in August

Have you run out of ideas on how to spend your summer time? Here we come with a batch of top tech events in Krakow and Tricity in August!

Beyond the Code #11 – How to build and keep good team spirit?

The team is nothing without people feeling good team spirit.

The secret trick to deal with time pressure

Approaching deadline is like waiting for a death sentence? Here are three tips to survive. Another day in paradise. Another coffee. It’s you and your new day, facing new challenges. Time to fix a bug, write some tests or add a new functionality. But sometimes you might face a bigger

Beyond the Code #10 – Passing programming tasks

How to smoothly pass programming tasks given to you during a recruitment process?

Consumer driven contracts – is it worth it?

In the world of microservices testing is difficult.

Beyond the Code #09 – Is it worth studying IT?

Important decision for youngsters.

Design Ops… what do you mean?

Once in a while, we come across a new, “hot” UX thing. 2017 was all about Product Design and UXD being more “Frontendish”. Nowadays it’s Design System getting popularity all over the Internet. But when you go deeper, you can come across “DesignOps” and it will confuse you as hell.