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How we deliver millions of push notifications in 10 seconds?

The CNP API team faced a challenge to build a reliable, scalable and flawless system of sending out millions of push notifications to users of our news applications within seconds. Read more to find out how we built it!

Web Talks by AWS User Group & Schibsted

Check out the recordings of the Web Talks by AWS User Group #50, made with Schibsted!

Flutter Halloween Chart

How to customise chart using charts_flutter package – tutorial In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can customise a bar chart using charts_flutter package. Halloween is around the corner, so let’s create a chart which designs will allude to these event and the end of this tutorial will look like

TypeScript – how to work with implicit and explicit types?

Working with TypeScript can provide many advantages to your codebase, such as improved security or lowering the risk of errors. But it also could create a couple of dilemmas due to its differences compared to static types in other programming languages.

GDG 3City meetup – Flutter edition vol. 1

The second online edition of local 3-City Google-centric community was all about Flutter. Listen to 3 presentations about technology that continues to gain popularity among mobile developers.

Robust news feeds using child view controllers in Swift

You open your favourite news app and start reading. What makes you stay there for longer? A front page! If an interesting teaser catches your eyes, it’s more likely you will enter an article to read more.

Android 3City meetup – online for the first time!

The local 3-City Google-centric community organized the first ever online meetup. Check it out if you have missed it!

How to stay productive after switching to remote work

Working remote for the first time? Here are tips and tricks that will help you to keep your head cool and focus on your work.

To build or not to build – refactoring towards immutability

Builder pattern to gain object immutability is the most commonly used solution. I analyze its advantages, disadvantages and alternatives based on a real-life example.

Multi-module projects with Dagger2

Component dependencies, subcomponents, optional bindings and more – all in the scope of properly configuring our library modules to create a scalable app. We will dive into more advanced stuff in Dagger2 and organize it in a multimodule setup. Watch the presentation in the embedded video below: Rafał Adamek |

Beyond the Code #16 – Building a personal brand

A brand new episode of Beyond the Code, this time concentrating on building your personal brand as a software engineer.

Testing Java/Kotlin code with Spock

Read about the best Spock’s features to learn how to smoothly test Java/Kotlin applications in a more expressive and readable manner.