Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 12, 2018

Beyond the Code #13 – Understanding business

Business & software development shouldn’t be divided by an invisible wall.

Imagine that you have half a day of spare time, that you’ve decided to spend on learning new skills. What would you choose? Technical, soft-skills? What about understanding business. It’s a fairly easy guess that the latter is not on top of your list. But when you face a situation to throw out six months of your hard work or you need to freeze cool feature you’ve been working on for a while, then you your level of understanding the business value of your project becomes crucial.

Listen to the 13th episode

A quick reminder. The idea of Beyond the Code is simple. We would like to focus on different sets of skills that might be useful for software engineers, which are not coding/programming/prototyping, etc. You can expect new episodes, around 30 minutes long, every second Wednesday.

We’ve already published several episodes of our podcast – check them out if you still haven’t :). Please note that we’ve decided to run the podcast in Polish, although we are still planning to invite several foreign guests for episodes recorded in English.

Episode 13 – Understanding business

By listening to this episode you will get answers to these questions:

  • why one feature might be more important than other?
  • why feedback from developers is so important for business
  • why half a year of your hard work might be thrown away sometimes?

Recorded by:

  • Robert Fijałkowski
  • Damian Petla
  • Przemysław Potocki


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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 12, 2018