Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published June 18, 2019

Beyond the Code #14 – are you ready to start presenting?

Listen to the new episode of Beyond the Code, marking a start of the brand new season!

Do you know that feeling of waiting for your favorite TV show to come back with the new season? Well, maybe that is not the return of the scale known from Game of Thrones, but still many asked, many couldn’t wait… and we’re finally here!

Listen to the 14th episode

Today we continue a topic of preparing for external presentation. You get a chance to hear Filip Misztal & Łukasz Blacha who share their experiences from two opposite perspectives. Should you record yourself before the presentation or leave a space for improvisation to control stress better? There are many more differences of this type, showing that there are no clear answers. It doesn’t stop from sharing multiple useful tips.

Huge thanks to Łukasz & Filip for participating. See you in 2 weeks!

A quick reminder. The idea of Beyond the Code is simple. We would like to focus on different sets of skills that might be useful for software engineers, which are not coding/programming/prototyping, etc. You can expect new episodes, around 30 minutes long, every second Wednesday.

We’ve already published several episodes of our podcast – check them out if you still haven’t :). Please note that we’ve decided to run the podcast in Polish, although we are still planning to invite several foreign guests for episodes recorded in English.

Episode 13 – are you ready to start presenting?

By listening to this episode you will get answers to these questions:

  • Is it better to start giving presentation within the company or during external events?
  • Is doing a live demo a worth-trying shortcut or a clear path to disaster?
  • How you can predict the length of your presentation?

Recorded by:

  • Robert Fijałkowski
  • Łukasz Blacha
  • Filip Misztal

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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published June 18, 2019