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Training Junior Developers

Hiring programmers is hard. Finding the good ones and making them like your company or project is even harder. Today I want to tell you something about training junior developers.

What makes Docker so good?

I’ve been using Docker for one year to develop and deploy both professional and pet projects. I find it be a lot better than my previous stack, which was a tandem of Vagrant and Puppet. Why? Watch the video to learn about top 5 reasons why I like Docker!

Retrofit 2.0: what’s new?

Retrofit is a HTTP client library for Android created by Square. In this post we will cover the new version of Retrofit introduced by Jack Wharton during Droidcon NYC 2015 and what has changed in it.

Testing react-native components with Jest

It’s going to be a story about tackling problems on the way to run unit tests using react-native. It’s one of these stories when we don’t even know what is the question, so it’s difficult to ask Google. It’s a story of how to test react-native components with Jest.

10 features coming in Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world. The official Bootstrap Blog announced that the new version is coming soon. Stay calm because this is just an alpha version. If you want to know what’s new, read our list of 10 features in

Redux. Concept over implementation

redux concept over implementation

Since the concept of adapting MV* architectures to JavaScript never felt quite right, I started dabbling with various Flux implementations. Subsequently I got drawn towards Redux, which in my mind took all the good parts and combined them into a lightweight and easy-to-use solution.

Rich TextView styling with spans for Android

I was recently inspired by Lisa Wray and her presentation at the Droidcon NYC conference – Beautiful Typography on Android. I am going to show you how to use spans to enrich the TextView component. It’s based on a true story 🙂

6 popular websites powered by Symfony2

Symfony2 is one of the most popular backend web frameworks. Some people doubt whether it can be used for popular, high traffic websites. To dispel these doubts I prepared the list of 6 successful websites powered by the Symfony framework.

Programming Android with Kotlin

I had 8 years of experience in Java when I decided to start using Kotlin for my Android projects. It happened after I joined the Omni team in Schibsted Tech Polska. Let me tell you what I learned.

Mocking Amazon SQS with ElasticMQ

This article presents our experience with using ElasticMq as a substitution for Amazon Web Service’s Simple Queue Service (SQS) for black box testing of a single microservice application.

The Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2015

OSCON is a convention where all of the pieces come together: developers, innovators, businesspeople, and investors. It’s about real-world practices and how to successfully implement open source in your workflow or projects. I was there and I’m happy to share with you my insights into this year’s events. OSCON 2015 Every year

Droidcon NYC 2015 – Day two and a final note

Time has come to cover the second day of Droidcon NYC conference. If you haven’t seen the first day coverage you can catch up here.