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How to build an incremental search using FRP

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) has changed how I think about solving problems in iOS. Here I will show you a complete and simple way to build an incremental search using FRP.

How to async in JavaScript

I’d like to share with you a few different ways of writing asynchronous code in JavaScript. Whether you’re writing for the browser or building complex Node.js apps you might find some useful tips how to improve the quality and readability of your code either by using popular techniques or some more

Web technologies news straight from Fluent 2016

Thousands of JavaScript developers, web developers, mobile app developers, software engineers, and a wide range of other people who work with Web Platform technologies come together at Fluent. So did I! What is my impression?

Google Test Lab, first impression

I was invited to Google Test Lab, and I have to say: it’s not much but it’s quite impressive.

Time traveling with event sourcing

Event sourcing is the way of modelling applications that has become very popular last months. But this is not a new model, actually it’s very old. It was used decades ago but then it was superseded by current state concept and CRUD based applications.

Advertising made smart with the InstaAds tool!

This article is written to get the reader familiar with InstaAds project developed by Stavanger Aftenblad team from Schibsted Tech Polska. Don’t know what that is? Time to see the video!

Object-Oriented Thinking in the Data-Centric World

The mental model of object-oriented programming is not intuitive. The speed and dynamics of today’s data-centric world make it a difficult case. How to learn object-oriented programming then?

Confessions of a command line addict

tldr; Set low key repeat interval. Establish one way of editing text, use it everywhere you can. Use fuzzy search, vim, tmux, zsh, fuzzyclipboard. AKA more effective utilization of command line.

Introduction to tvOS – the new focus engine

I want to tell you how does the new focus engine work and show you the list of things that I found interesting during the development of native tvOS application for VGTV. So, welcome to tvOS!

What’s under the hood of the OkHttp’s cache?

I guess many of you implement apps using network operations. In most cases we use OkHttp library, usually through Retrofit. One of the nicest features of OkHttp is its caching mechanism. In this post I will go through all relevant steps in caching and explain how it works

Getting started with FramerJS


The world of prototyping tools has never been so fertile – with a new tool coming out every month.  Here is a brief introduction to FramerJS.

How to destroy your infrastructure

In this article I tell you if destroying your infrastructure makes sense, and if it does then how to do it. In the summary I share some technical details about the stack we use in our project with some general information about configuration.