Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published August 19, 2019

Beyond the Code #16 – Building a personal brand

A brand new episode of Beyond the Code, this time concentrating on building your personal brand as a software engineer.

n this episode of Beyond the Code we cover the the topic that is not that often discussed among software engineers. Building your personal brand in the face of getting dozens of LinkedIn messages might seem like a whim. The fact is that by listening to this episode you might change your attitude a bit.

Piotr Prus & Michał Skorupa have two different perspectives on building a personal brand – a methodical attitude versus relying on your own assessment and natural growth. We also share few pratcital tips that will help you either start or boost your personal brand.

Listen to the 16th episode


A quick reminder. The idea of Beyond the Code is simple. We would like to focus on different sets of skills that might be useful for software engineers, which are not coding/programming/prototyping, etc. You can expect new episodes, around 30 minutes long, every second Wednesday.

We’ve already published several episodes of our podcast – check them out if you still haven’t :). Please note that we’ve decided to run the podcast in Polish, although we are still planning to invite several foreign guests for episodes recorded in English.

Episode 16 – Practical tips to understand business

By listening to this episode you will get answers to these questions:

  • what makes a good personal brand?
  • why software engineer should also think about building a personal brand?
  • what are the differences between aggressive self-promotion and building a personal brand?
  • on which channels should you focus on?


Recorded by:

  • Robert Fijałkowski
  • Piotr Prus
  • Michał Skorupa

Huge thanks to Piotr & Michał for participating. See you in 2 weeks!

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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published August 19, 2019