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How we used Docker when developing

Docker has recently been one of the hottest tools in web applications development and deployment. In Schibsted Tech Polska we use Docker in number of different projects with different technologies. One of them is the website you are on:!

Scalar type hinting and return types in PHP7

The upcoming PHP7 brings some cool stuff to the game. Here is a quick look at two of the new features: return types declarations and the controversial scalar type hinting. So check it! Check it!

How to prototype in the browser with Yeoman

Browser prototyping is a concept of creating prototypes within the users’ native environment. With this blogpost I would like to show how to run and setup an initial environment for browser prototyping.

Learn you some Rx for the greater good!

What is this Rx thing that everybody keeps talking about? How am I supposed to learn it? Is it even worth my effort? Watch, learn and try Functional Reactive Programming with RxJava on Android platform “For The Greater Good”.

8 cool Android libraries to speed up your development

Do you know what is among the best things of Android development? It is Java based and extremely popular. Our community is awesome and there are many great libraries popping out every day.

Vaadin – why not

Yes, there are some reasons to use the Java framework Vaadin. But there are many more disadvantages in my opinion.

Be Reactive and use streams!

Reactive Streams is a new specification with the goal of leading different JVM languages to the new, asynchronous future.

With real-time data and Internet of Things modern applications need to incorporate new programming techniques. Reactive Streams is a new specification with the goal of leading different JVM languages to the new, asynchronous future.

Why WordPress may not work for your project

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. But it is not always the best solution in my experience.

12 steps to become the most boring presenter ever

Want to bore your audience to death presenting you code? It is easy! I will tell you what to do!

10 tips for becoming a successful Android developer

Becoming a great Android developer is hard work and takes passion and patience. Here are my tips.

10 tips to start prototyping mobile applications using Pixate

Pixate is a powerful tool for prototyping. Here are my tips for getting started. Layer assets The basic building block in Pixate is the “layer”. To each layer you can attach animations or trigger interactions based on non trivial conditions. However, to start using Pixate, you need user interface elements.

@Rules that can help you write better unit tests

Have you ever wanted to know what was the result of your unit test and act differently depending on the test result? In this short article I present a JUnit feature called Rules.