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Droidcon New York City 2015 – Day one

Droidcon NYC is the biggest Android event out there, purely Android content. This is a short summary of the day one talks I’ve been lucky to attend. There were best world android developers among the speakers!

Git Bisect: Bug hunting on steroids

This a video about a tool that we all have at hand, but only few of us use it. The sad thing is that those who do, do it so rarely that they forget to spread the knowledge. Meet the super powers of Git Bisect, which will speed up your bug hunting processes.

How switching to SVG simplified our work

This is not an article about the pros and cons of using icon fonts vs SVGs. This is however, an article about why migrating to SVG greatly simplified the process of adding and managing the icons used in our common set.

Browser prototyping #2: Scaffolding prototypes with Material Design

We are building systems for the web, and as UX designers, we should keep our design deliverables within the browser. Browser prototyping is a concept of creating prototypes within the users’ native environment.

Confessions of a back-end developer

Change is a nasty little thing. It starts with a call to adventure, and the more you ignore it, the more it nags at you. I was a happy back-end developer dreaming her life in C#. I came to like the predictability of developing APIs. I even had my truce

How app linking in Android M and iOS9 will help to increase app engagement

New functionality available in the next version of both Apple and Googles mobile operating systems (iOS9 and Android M) will have dramatic consequences for publishers trying to get users to use their apps instead of the mobile web browser. The next version of the iOS and Android operating systems will

5 video games you must have in your office

Everyone knows that a happy employee is a productive employee. This is the main reason why companies invest a lot money to create perfect environment at office. And get video games for their staff.

Enterprise Makeover 6/6: organizational change & summary

In the last part of the Enterprise Makeover series we look at some organizational change patterns and wrap up with the summary of the whole series. Watch the video to get more!

Enterprise Makeover Part 5/6: Continuous Delivery orchestration

In this episode of the Enterprise Makeover series I focus on the description of Continuous Delivery (CD) orchestration. Watch the movie in which I present the details.

Enterprise Makeover Part 4/6: cloud-native development on Heroku

In the fourth part of the Enterprise Makeover series I explain why we decided to use Heroku to run our production services.

Enterprise Makeover Part 3/6: rethinking Agile practices

In this part of the Enterprise Makeover series I cover some modern software development practices that are rooted in the principles and practices of Continuous Delivery and Lean Startup.

Enterprise Makeover Part 2/6: use the Web, don’t abuse it!

In the 2nd part of the Enterprise Makeover series you will find out how we played by the Web rules, how we did the Web native service integration and why we decided not to build Single Page App for our client.