Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 23, 2015

Over 100 front-end developers together? It must be meet.js!

Meet.js teamed up with Schibsted Tech Polska to host around 100 developers in our office at Armii Krajowej 28 in Krakow. As always the meeting covered 3 important parts: beer, pizza and presentations about JavaScript.

Meet.js is a non-commercial front-end meetup organized by Java Script passionates for their community. Each event brings number of people who want to learn from one another. The meetings are held in different locations, such as Pauza In Garden, Base, Tech Space Kraków, Drukarnia, just to mention a few.

“My idea is to connect people who want to present with those who want to listen to them. Meet.js is fully independent. I don’t want it to be associated with any particular location or sponsor, so I try to change them regularly. At the same time this is an open initiative that we want to spread among companies and people by presenting it at different locations.” said Andrzej Fricze, the coordinator of meet.js Krakow.

How to stir up the front-enders?

This time front-end developers, who met in the headquarters of Schibsted Tech Polska, not only listened to the presentations, but also participated in heated-up discussions about the roots of JavaScript and other technologies.

What exactly did they talk about?

The founder of Omni Calculator, Mateusz Mucha, told us the success story of his application for everyday calculations. This personalised calculator helps in daily financial evaluations and comes in handy when you are not sure what tip to give (tip calculator) or what is the final price of your special offer (discount calculator). The app is available both in Google Play store and in iTunes.

Marek Nogieć from Schibsted Tech Polska explained how he moved away from pure Flux architecture towards Redux and why he thinks it’s a good idea. He explained the basic concepts of this architecture and shown how it’s building blocks integrate into the front-end application flow. A point was made for using a functional programming approach and the benefits that come with it, as well as the need to create well-planned data structures for JavaScript projects.

Last but not least, Andrzej Fricze and his confession of a developer heated up the audience with his speech about the reflections on front-end. In the eyes of the presenter an understanding of the past is needed for the future and many programmers make the mistake of not possessing the necessary knowledge about the history of certain programming concepts. His postulates sparked a discussion among all participates that left many questions unanswered. Most certainly that speech will be remembered for long by some of our guests.

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If you would like to attend next Meet.js meetups, visit their site to get more information.

Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 23, 2015