Published November 19, 2015

AWS: Services overview and global infrastructure

This article is a very short introduction to Amazon Web Services. It includes a video filmed during the workshops I was teaching at Schibsted Tech Polska. 

In this presentation I discuss the variety of services provided by AWS. I choose those services that are in my opinion the most commonly used (EC2, EBS, S3, Glacier, VPC, IAM) and that may bring benefits to our Payment Platform project which is fully deployed on AWS. In the second part of my presentation I show how AWS infrastructure is localized globally and what are the differences between region, availability zone and edge location.

This workshop was first from a series of trainings on Amazon Web Services. The next training will be devoted to working with IAM and CloudTrail Services.

Slides available below

If you would like to get the presentation I used as a training material, click here to download.