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12 steps to become the most boring presenter ever

Want to bore your audience to death presenting you code? It is easy! I will tell you what to do!

10 tips for becoming a successful Android developer

Becoming a great Android developer is hard work and takes passion and patience. Here are my tips.

10 tips to start prototyping mobile applications using Pixate

Pixate is a powerful tool for prototyping. Here are my tips for getting started. Layer assets The basic building block in Pixate is the “layer”. To each layer you can attach animations or trigger interactions based on non trivial conditions. However, to start using Pixate, you need user interface elements.

@Rules that can help you write better unit tests

Have you ever wanted to know what was the result of your unit test and act differently depending on the test result? In this short article I present a JUnit feature called Rules.

Evil Genius 101: The Hidden Power of JavaScript Object prototype

New language features are often welcomed, but if they are working against the language nature… Huston, we have a problem!

Not sure which features really matter? Let’s try to put the things in order.

Among many tools for product managers, designers and UX developers, there is one modeling technique which might turn your product’s scope into a more measured set of features – at the same time providing more value as well as predictable customer feedback. Kano model The model – developed by Noriaki