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Groovy SQL – an easy way to database scripting

If you have to write some database script at SQL level then try out Groovy SQL. Why? This story is the answer.

Activity recreation rethought

Can we really forget about handling activity recreation after locking the Android device screen orientation? I’ve been asking this question for quite some time. 

7 reasons to use a PHP template engine for your webpage

A PHP template engine comes in handy for projects that involve work of developers and designers.

Killing an Android app from anywhere

Ever wondered what would be a simple solution to killing an Android application? That’s right – there is none, Google has its reasons for that. As usually, there is a hack…

5 cool GitHub Docker projects

5 cool GitHub Docker projects

GitHub is one of the best places to find clever, diverse programming projects, but it’s easy to overlook something interesting. I prepared list of 5 Docker projects definitely worth getting more attention than they have now.

JobScheduler to the rescue

In mobile development there are moments when an application just must be kept running regardless of the user interaction. Android 5.0 Lollipop brought us a new solution to this topic. Let’s check it!

How we used Docker when developing

Docker has recently been one of the hottest tools in web applications development and deployment. In Schibsted Tech Polska we use Docker in number of different projects with different technologies. One of them is the website you are on:!

Scalar type hinting and return types in PHP7

The upcoming PHP7 brings some cool stuff to the game. Here is a quick look at two of the new features: return types declarations and the controversial scalar type hinting. So check it! Check it!

How to prototype in the browser with Yeoman

Browser prototyping is a concept of creating prototypes within the users’ native environment. With this blogpost I would like to show how to run and setup an initial environment for browser prototyping.

Learn you some Rx for the greater good!

What is this Rx thing that everybody keeps talking about? How am I supposed to learn it? Is it even worth my effort? Watch, learn and try Functional Reactive Programming with RxJava on Android platform “For The Greater Good”.

8 cool Android libraries to speed up your development

Do you know what is among the best things of Android development? It is Java based and extremely popular. Our community is awesome and there are many great libraries popping out every day.

Vaadin – why not

Yes, there are some reasons to use the Java framework Vaadin. But there are many more disadvantages in my opinion.