Jan Gurda
Written by Jan Gurda
Published April 25, 2016

How to use the AWS Identity and Access Management Service

Learn how to use the Identity and Access Management service from Amazon Web Services. This video is from an internal workshop organized at Schibsted Tech Polska.

Identity and Access Management

Team - SPT payment2In an internal workshop at Schibsted Tech Polska I gave a series of presentations about various aspects of using Amazon Web Services.  Before we have published an overview of the services and global infrastructure.

In this second presentation I cover the  main aspects of Amazon´s Identity And Access Management (IAM) Service. I start with discussing ways of accessing AWS through all the possible channels, such as AWS Management Console, Command Line Interface, Query API and SDKs.

Later I explain IAM identities (Users, Groups, Roles) and the use cases in which they may be applied.

I also touch advanced topics of the IAM Policies. I explain the IAM policies, their types, what they consist of and how they are evaluated.

In the last part of the video I discuss the Best Practices recommended by Amazon.

Here are the slides from the presentation

Written by Jan Gurda
Published April 25, 2016