Written by Paweł Szonecki
Employer Branding Specialist Kraków
Published October 10, 2022

Schibsted Tech Talks #7 meet.js edition!

Meet.js will be back in our office! How cool is that?! 🤩

👨‍🏫 17.00 – Tech news by Tomasz Borowicz

👨‍🏫 17.10 – On debugging things in containers, or how complexity killed the cat… by Błażej Kasperczvk

…and satisfaction brought it back. Many tools allow you to gather logs from your
application in a container, aggregate them, and draw metrics – there are also
twice as many talks about using them. In this presentation, we will talk about
debugging things when those tools aren’t there, the application crashes
mysteriously on startup – or, for any other reason, the logs show nothing.

👨‍🏫 18.00 – JS powers my Kindle by Adam Bukowski

Well… not exactly. But there is a Kindle, some JS code, and a story about how I
repurposed my old e-reader, so it became innovative furniture.

👨‍🏫 18.40 – Automated performance regression testing with Reassure by Michał Pierzchała

As developers, we love diving into performance metrics and benchmarks and comparing one solution to another. Whether we enjoy it or not, we’re often required to fix performance issues in our React and React Native apps. But this process is not sustainable and prone to regressions, especially as the app and team grow. What’s worse, your users often discover those issues, making their experience miserable. In my talk, I’ll introduce you to Reassure—a performance regression testing library for React and React Native— which happens to be a missing piece in our automated testing and performance suites. Spotting problems before they hit production.

As always after each part, we will have 💬 Q&A session. Pizza 🍕 craft beers 🍺 prosecco🥂

The meetup will take place on the 18th of October (Tuesday) in our office in Kraków (Pawia 23). Please note that the number of places is limited and the event will be held in Polish. We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

Drink & Mingle 

Tech Talks are not only about Tech. We take care of social aspects of the event as well. During breaks, and after the speeches you can meet new people with different backgrounds, share your experience or… talk with our employees about Schibsted Family of brands (obviously).

About Tech Talks

Tech Talks is a series of free meetups and workshops for software engineers powered by Schibsted Polska. Our mission is to create a space for software engineers to share knowledge, exchange experience and meet like-minded people.

Please note that during the event, we will take photos that might be published on our social networks and website https://www.schibsted.pl for promotional and marketing purposes. We understand your participation in the event as the consent to the dissemination of your image. The data controller of your shared personal information is Schibsted Tech Polska sp. z o.o. You can find more information about processing those data on our Privacy Policy page: https://www.schibsted.pl/privacy-policy/ 



Written by Paweł Szonecki
Employer Branding Specialist Kraków
Published October 10, 2022