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Paweł Szonecki
Written by Paweł Szonecki
Employer Branding Specialist Kraków
Published April 28, 2022

Meet the Mittanbud Team at Schibsted!

Working at Mittanbud – the largest tender service in Norway

Everyday life

In Gdańsk, we support the development of the Norwegian platform Mittanbud. You are probably wondering what it is. Mittanbud is the largest tender service in Norway, established in 2009. It acts as an intermediary in tenders to over 30,000 suppliers throughout the country. Every week, it sends 5,000 new work assignments to companies registered on the Mittanbud platform.

Our team prepares a new version of the Mittanbud platform on a daily basis. Our task is to create the part of the platform intended for companies (economic entities) that want to execute orders shared on the platform. These operations include both web and mobile versions of the app (Android, iOS). Currently, we mainly work from home. We try to come to the office once a week to spend some time together, to discuss current topics face to face, and to program together. And, crucially, it gives us an additional excuse to leave the house.

We work in two-week sprints. Each sprint naturally starts with the planning of sessions with the Gdańsk team and the Norwegian teams. Every morning we connect with our Norwegian partners in a daily meeting to briefly discuss current tasks and ongoing affairs. We also connect on front-end sync once a week. We devote this meeting to the front-end part of the project. The sprint is concluded with a retrospective.

Meet the team

In our Gdańsk’s Mittanbud team work Sławek, Ewa, Roman and Adrian. We are planning to reinforce the team by hiring two more people. On the Norwegian side, we have several teams we work with. These are back-end DevOps developers, SQA, data and front-end developers. In total, there are about 40 people associated with the office in Oslo.


Technological stack

We develop the web and mobile versions of the app. In the case of the web version we use: React, TypeScript, Styled Components, GraphQL (Apollo), Jest, Cypress, GitHub Actions. We develop mobile apps with the help of: React Native, TypeScript, GraphQL (Apollo), Jest, GitHub Actions, EAS. As both web and mobile apps have the same purpose, much of the code (components, assets, data types – we generate TypeScript based on the GraphQL schema) is shared between repositories. We also co-create a repository of shared components dedicated to the entire Mittanbud platform. Here we also use the support of: React, TypeScript, Styled Components, StoryBook.

Future of the team

We are nearing the release of the apps we are currently developing. Once released, we will continue to work on their development by adding more features. Mittanbud is an important part of the Schibsted SMB strategy going forward. There will be new features, new countries, and lots of planned improvements going forward, so plenty of work is planned for the Mittanbud project for the Gdańsk team.

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Written by Paweł Szonecki
Employer Branding Specialist Kraków
Published April 28, 2022