Published July 6, 2015

Enterprise Makeover Part 1/6: creating lean enterprise

Microservices, the Web, cloud, and Continuous Delivery heavily influenced how modern teams build software systems. In this series you’ll learn how we used those concepts to rebuild the frontend stack of several Norwegian newspapers.

The series is composed of 6 episodes describing Enterprise Makeover journey and shows how we significantly reduced cycle time and created fun work environment that let’s great developers be great. We will present all videos over the next 3 weeks. If you would like to see the slides of the full presentation go here.

Some of the things I’ll share with you:

  • how respecting the Web makes us faster (part 2)
  • what we learned running 12factor apps on Heroku (parts 3 and 4)
  • the nuances of Continuous Delivery that you won’t find in books (part 5)
  • thinking process behind our decisions and some of the change patterns we used (part 6)

Why we did it?

In the first part of the video series I set the context for the Enterprise Makeover story.

1st episode’s highlights:

  • learn to find conflated concerns in the existing enterprise systems. CMS is often a content presentation system in disguise
  • when you’re a new employee take advantage of your unbiased view of the company’s culture, systems and processes
  • don’t be overly ambitious and start with a low hanging fruit
  • pick the right time for your change initiative so that it’s noticed by the right people
  • consider different legacy system escape strategies

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Published July 6, 2015