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Published September 16, 2015

6 popular websites powered by Symfony2

Symfony2 is one of the most popular backend web frameworks. Some people doubt whether it can be used for popular, high traffic websites. To dispel these doubts I prepared the list of 6 successful websites powered by the Symfony framework.

1. BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is a social network dedicated to car pooling on long distances. It allows drivers to share information about their future car journeys and find potential passengers to reduce travel costs such as fuel costs or tolls. Each user, both drivers and passengers, sets their own “BlaBla” measurement, indicating their willingness to chat during a trip.

BlaBlaCar was started in France in 2006 and since then it has been operating in 19 countries (mostly in Europe, but also in Mexico and India). According to their site, there are more than 20 million users registered in the system and BlaBlaCar has more than 1.5 million fans on Facebook.

In each country BlaBlaCar has its own national domain, so it’s difficult to estimate its global popularity. However, the French version, which seems to be the most popular one globally, is ranked 6,736 (186 in France) in Alexa.



2. DocPlanner


DocPlanner is a website that allows patients to find reliable physicians. Users can easily book an appointment online and can share their personal opinions about physicians.
The history of DocPlanner starts in 2007 in Poland, where the site has been known as ZnanyLekarz (can be translated as “known doctor”). Originally the key feature of ZnanyLekarz was to review doctors’ services by their patients.

Today DocPlanner is available in 25 countries on 4 continents and has more than 7 million monthly users.

DocPlanner is recognized by different names on different markets and uses different domains in each country. The most popular Turkish version ( is ranked 14,111 (235 in Turkey) in Alexa.

Source (in Polish):


3. eMAG


eMAG is the largest online store in Romania and it also has its national versions in Hungary and Bulgaria. The Romanian version of eMAG has about 4 million visits per month and is ranked 3,091 (7 in Romania) in Alexa.



4. GoldenLine


GoldenLine is Polish business-oriented social networking service. It is an important local competitor to LinkedIn.

GoldenLine was founded in 2005 and last year it had about 1.7 million visits per month. During SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 GoldenLine was given the award for the best social website of the year.
GoldenLine is ranked 5,395 (77 in Poland) in Alexa.

Source (in Polish):


5. Spotify


Spotify is a popular music streaming service. It was launched in 2008 in Sweden and since then it has gained huge popularity over the world. Spotify has more than 75 million active users. Its website,, which is powered by Symfony2, is ranked 341 in Alexa.



6. YouPorn


YouPorn is one of the most popular pornographic video sharing websites. It was launched in 2006, originally written in Perl, but 5 years later it was totally rewritten to use PHP and Redis stack and Symfony2 was chosen as a framework.

In 2012 YouPorn had at least 200 million requests per day and now it’s ranked 161 in Alexa.


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Team Leader
Published September 16, 2015