Written by Artur Glier
Published May 8, 2015

Learn you some Rx for the greater good!

What is this Rx thing that everybody keeps talking about? How am I supposed to learn it? Is it even worth my effort? Watch, learn and try Functional Reactive Programming with RxJava on Android platform “For The Greater Good”.

Watch the video and Learn You Some Rx for the Greater Good

Summary of the video

In this short presentation I’ll try to give you a few reasons to give RxJava a try and never look back.

RxJava is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM. It’s also a “new” fun tool that will gently introduce you to Functional Reactive Programming paradigm and help you solve many problems in a different, better way.

This is an introductory talk aimed at every developer, no specific knowledge is necessary. Here are the things I’ll try to explain:

  • What is RxJava?
  • Why is it different?
  • The hard way to learn RxJava
  • The easy way to learn RxJava
  • Common problems you can solve with RxJava

Remember, “If you only have a hammer – you tend to see each problem as nail.” RxJava can provide you with a brand new set of screwdrivers for lots of these rusted screws that seemed to be stuck forever.



Written by Artur Glier
Published May 8, 2015