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Beyond the Code #02 – What can go wrong?

Beyond the Code episode 2

It’s time for the second episode of Beyond the Code.

The summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska – 2018 edition!

Summer internship 2018

Starting career as a software engineer? There is not better way than joining our team of passionate engineers & work on code that matters. Read about our summer internship in 2018!

Beyond the Code #01 – Why are you talking to me?

Beyond the Code

Listen to the first episode of Beyond the Code podcast!

Introducing the STP Podcast – Beyond the Code

Beyond the Code

Schibsted Tech Polska enters the world of podcasting! We now introduce Beyond the Code – a podcast about soft skills for software engineers.

How Google implemented automated testing

Mike Bland, former Google employee shared the story about implementing automated testing adoption at Google, combining it with his personal flashbacks from that time.

Is this year’s WWDC17 good for iOS developers?

WWDC17 summary

WWDC 2017 brought a variety of announcements with lots of new changes for all different segments of Apple’s ecosystem. How it’s been so far in the eyes of our iOS developers? Find out by watching a replay of our first ever live stream!

The hottest takeaways from the WWDC 2017 keynotes!

Join us on June 6th at 2:00 PM and watch our first webinar of the series! Together we will discuss the most important news presented at the first day of WWDC!

Internship at Schibsted Tech Polska: jumpstart your career in programming

Would you like to join a company of almost 200 talented developers? It’s not that difficult! All you need to do is to apply for our summer internship program.

A Tricity meetup all about Android

Thursday, December 1: The first Android Meetup by Schibsted Tech Polska in Gdansk. It was all about Android by our best developers.

Why would you code for 24 hours?

It’s OK to code for night and day, really. Especially when you do it during a Hack Day and you want everyone to see how great your project is. We tried it! And got 23 awesome projects as a result of this Summer Hack Day.

Open Day at Schibsted Tech Polska

Almost 100 young talents visited the office of Schibsted Tech Polska on Tuesday, March 22. They were hosted by the developers, team leaders and other specialists who were telling them about the Summer Internship program.

Summer Internship at the right place

The internship program at Schibsted Tech Polska opens its gates once again! So get yourselves ready for the adventure in the world of real programming.