Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published August 1, 2018

Beyond the Code #11 – How to build and keep good team spirit?

The team is nothing without people feeling good team spirit.

Building team spirit might be easy on paper. Just keep talking, like each other & be honest. But reality will challenge people with a number of conflicts, problems of individual team members or demanding situation in your company.

In today’s episode we share with you a number of tips that will help to build and keep good team spirit, resulting in a group of people that understand, like & help each other. We will point out few minor things that in the end might result in a drastic change of people’s behavior.

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A quick reminder. The idea of Beyond the Code is simple. We would like to focus on different sets of skills that might be useful for software engineers, which are not coding/programming/prototyping, etc. You can expect new episodes, around 30 minutes long, every second Wednesday.

We’ve already published several episodes of our podcast – check them out if you still haven’t :). Please note that we’ve decided to run the podcast in Polish, although we are still planning to invite several foreign guests for episodes recorded in English.

Episode 11 – How to build and keep good team spirit?

By listening to this episode you will get answers to these questions:

  • how to approach with a conflict situation among your team members?
  • why work from home might kill the team spirit
  • tips & tricks for building & maintaining positive atmosphere on a daily basis

Recorded by:

  • Robert Fijałkowski
  • Mateusz Orłowski
  • Michał Skorupa

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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published August 1, 2018