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GDG 3City meetup – Flutter edition vol. 1

The second online edition of local 3-City Google-centric community was all about Flutter. Listen to 3 presentations about technology that continues to gain popularity among mobile developers.

Android 3City meetup – online for the first time!

The local 3-City Google-centric community organized the first ever online meetup. Check it out if you have missed it!

How to stay productive after switching to remote work

Working remote for the first time? Here are tips and tricks that will help you to keep your head cool and focus on your work.

Beyond the Code #16 – Building a personal brand

A brand new episode of Beyond the Code, this time concentrating on building your personal brand as a software engineer.

Beyond the Code #15 – Practical tips to understand business

A brand new episode of Beyond the Code, continuing our series to help you understand business more.

Beyond the Code #14 – are you ready to start presenting?

Listen to the new episode of Beyond the Code, marking a start of the brand new season!

Beyond the Code #13 – Understanding business

Business & software development shouldn’t be divided by an invisible wall.

Beyond the Code #12 – Feedback

The art of giving & receiving feedback.

Beyond the Code #11 – How to build and keep good team spirit?

The team is nothing without people feeling good team spirit.

Beyond the Code #10 – Passing programming tasks

How to smoothly pass programming tasks given to you during a recruitment process?

Beyond the Code #09 – Is it worth studying IT?

Important decision for youngsters.

Beyond the Code #08 – A trip to San Jose, California

Our story about a trip to this year’s WWDC 2018.