Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published March 10, 2017

Urban Winter Event for 240 people: Here are the photos!

240 people enjoyed a packed day of inspiration, fun and social integration in beautiful Warsaw.

From ski resorts in the mountains to modern Warsaw: This year Schibsted Tech Polska´s annual Winter Event was bigger than ever! 155 employees and 85 guests from Norway, Sweden, London and Barcelona had a fantastic day together in the capital city of Warsaw.

Time travel

The conference part focused on time travel. As Schibsted Tech Polska just celebrated its 5-year-anniversary, one hour was devoted to walk the audience through the fascinating history of the company. 16 employees and guests told the story about how what was intended to be a small department of 20 people emerged into a company of 185 employees.

CEO Stig A. Waagbø then turned the attention to the future and pinpointed software development trends to watch for the next couple of years.

Working across cultures

The keynote speaker was Pellegrino Riccardi, an Italian expert on work cultures who has lived in Norway for more than 20 years. He gave an entertaining presentation about how people from different cultures easily misunderstand each other – and dug in particular into the differences between Scandinavians and Polish people.

Innovation catalyst Karina Birkeland Lome from the Norwegian marketplace site Finn.no presented a methodology for build innovation into the work culture – while having fun at the same time.

STP Awards

The hightlight of the conference was the presentations for the STP Awards, with teams and employees competing in different categories. The awards were given out at a ceremony at the evening party.  The winners won a dream day with a Tesla car.

Social integration

The STP Winter Event is all about getting to know your colleagues better! In the afternoon the participants thus could choose among a number of sigthseeing options in Warsaw, such as visits to local craft beer bars, the National Stadium, the Copernicus Science Centre, a communism and fallout shelter tour – and more.

And then, of course, in the evening there was the grand party. This time in the SOHO factory. Fun, fun, fun!

Here are the photos

All photos: Tadeusz Jezierski


Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published March 10, 2017