Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published February 11, 2016

Many open positions in our Gdansk office!

Be part of this unique software team in Gdansk! There are many open positions for developers in different technologies right now!

Scandinavian work culture. Exciting and challenging projects. Fantastic colleagues.

There are many reasons to start working for Schibsted Tech Polska in Gdansk. And right now the opportunities are many. With all the open positions we are more than doubling the number of employees. 

Team for Swedish deals company

PrintA new team of five developers is now being recruited for Letsdeal, the leading deal site in the Nordic region.  The company is part of Schibsted Media Group – and offers unbeatable offers daily for two million people in Sweden and Norway. Shortly it will also launch in Finland.

Letsdeal has 80 employees in Sweden and 30 in Norway – and you will be working closely with Scandinavian colleagues on a daily basis.

The software engineering team in Gdansk will work on building a completely new platform for the service – to be used in many countries.  The new platform will be a mix of in-house developed systems (native iOS/Android apps and web) and external systems.

Here are the Letsdeal positions

Team for Norwegian TV distributor

RiksTV_3dAlso: Schibsted Tech Polska is setting up and will host a team of 5 .NET developers for RiksTV, a Norwegian TV distributor company.

RiksTV delivers a broad range of TV and entertainment services for the Norwegian market, both to TVs, tablets and phones. Their goal is to be the preferred supplier for sound and motion pictured in the Norwegian market.

The new team in Gdansk will as its first project build better tool for the customer center in Norway, where 150 employees serve 500.000 customers.

Here are the Riks-TV positions

The plan is to hire five persons to the team.

Other positions in Gdansk

There are also several other positions in our consultancy unit at the Gdansk office. For some of the profiles the requirements are the same as the positions for Letsdeal (see above).

Modern offices

Schibsted Tech Polska´s offices in Gdansk are located in the top modern Olivia Business Centre along al. Grunwaldzka.

From our offices in Gdansk.

From our offices in Gdansk.

Time for a creative break!

Time for a creative break!

Meet some of the colleagues

Here are three videos with software engineers from the Gdansk office sharing knowledge about their projects and how they use technologies:

Blog articles from our Gdansk employees

Many of our software developers love to share their knowledge, both by giving presentations or writing in our Developers blog.

Here is a selection of articles in our Developers blog written by software engineers in our Gdansk office:


Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published February 11, 2016