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Why we love working for Schibsted!

Schibsted Tech Polska has been named one of the best places to work in Poland. But why is it? Here are the stories of 10 employees!

How to succeed with a distributed team: 10 lessons learnt

Working in a distributed team?

Operating a distributed software development team is like investing in stocks: It can give huge rewards, but also carries risks. Here are 10 lessons to increase the chance for high returns.

Katarzyna Kowalczyk new Country Manager for Schibsted Tech Polska

Katarzyna Kowalczyk will start as Country Manager for Schibsted Tech Polska in Poland.

Four dream positions for Android developers!

Android developers in Krakow: Get ready to use your skills for two of the leading digital brands in Sweden!

Let´s inspire women to learn programming!

Schibsted Tech Polska organizes front-end workshops for women on International Women´s Day

Schibsted Tech Polska uses the International Women´s Day to give women in Krakow and Gdansk a first taste of programming.

10 ways we share knowledge in Schibsted Tech Polska

Sharing knowledge is the backbone of the company culture of Schibsted Tech Polska. Here are 10 ways we do it.

12 Norwegian companies recruited together

With Schibsted as the main organizer, 12 Norwegian companies in Gdansk joined forces to attract software engineers to the Scandinavian work culture.

Software engineers make a Tech Jump with personal mentors

Here is one of the most popular training program in Schibsted Tech Polska: Tech Jump!  With a personal mentor, software engineers can learn a completely new technology.

New app will use 500 parameters to choose the perfect wine

A new tool for Swedish people to pick the perfect wine: Vinguiden´s new app is being developed by Schibsted Tech Polska in Gdansk.

Summer event on the golf course

Beautiful weather! Beautiful location! Fantastic colleagues. There could not be a better setting for the Schibsted Tech Polska Summer Event 2017.

Schibsted Tech Polska launches Tech Talks

Powered by Schibsted Tech Polska: Tech Talks launched in Krakow – and soon also in Gdansk.

Open Day for Students in photos

80 students in our offices. Pizza and beer. Inspiring stories from former summer interns. That was Open Day for Students in Krakow 2017.