Schibsted Tech Polska

Schibsted Tech Polska was established in the beginning of 2012. Today the company has 185 employees in two locations:
Krakow (main office) and Gdansk.

Schibsted Tech Polska is part of Schibsted Media Group, with business in 30 countries.

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How We Work

Working for Schibsted Tech Polska lets you tap into experiences, competencies and technologies of some of most
innovative media companies in the world.

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Our management

Stig Waagbø

Stig Waagbø Stig Waagbø

Stig A. Waagbø has been CEO since May 2014. Before that he was EVP Digital in Schibsted Norway and also board president in Schibsted Tech Polska. He has long experience as manager in the Scandinavian online and media business.

Out of the office he loves sailing and playing bridge. He lives in Molde, Norway when he is not in Krakow.

+47-970 64 284

John Einar Sandvand

Chief Communications Officer
John Einar Sandvand John Einar Sandvand

John Einar Sandvand is responsible for communications, branding and partner sales. He has worked with Schibsted Tech Polska since the company was set up in 2011. Earlier he worked for many years as journalist and editor in Aftenposten, Norway.

Out of the office he is a passionate amateur photographer. He lives in Ås, Norway when he is not in Krakow.

+47 – 9915 8839

Katarzyna Kowalczyk

Katarzyna Kowalczyk Katarzyna Kowalczyk

Katarzyna Kowalczyk is financial director and head of administration. She came to Schibsted Tech Polska in 2013 and is a Polish Statutory Auditor. Earlier she worked for KPMG for six year and before that as Quality Assurance Functional Manager in PwC.

Out of the office she is the happy mother of two boys and spends most of her spare time with her family. She loves skiing and good cuisine.

+48 – 885 812 017

Filip Szczucki

Site Manager
Filip Szczucki Filip Szczucki

Filip Szczucki is the site manager for Schibsted Tech Polska in Gdansk. His professional experience includes managing IT teams and projects in Poland and abroad. Filip aims to keep up-to-date with what’s hot in information technology while ensuring that his teams are motivated and performing effectively.

Out of the office he likes to take the family for longer walks or sailing trips near his favourite beaches of Gdansk.

+48 – 721 812 001

Joanna Zasadzinska

Director, Organizational development
Joanna Zasadzinska Joanna Zasadzinska

Joanna Zasadzinska is responsible for the HR unit. She has joined the company in August 2015. Previously she gathered her HR expertise by working for various international and domestic companies, mostly in the IT sector.

Out of the office she is a mother of a teenage girl. She loves travelling, fact-based literature and listening to music - especially on vinyl records.

+48 – 726 812 006