Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 8, 2016

Why would you code for 24 hours?

It’s OK to code for night and day, really. Especially when you do it during a Hack Day and you want everyone to see how great your project is. We tried it! And got 23 awesome projects as a result of this Summer Hack Day.

Don’t be mistaken. We don’t recommend doing it at home. We advise having a number of colleagues around you, strong support stemming from food and drinks. And on top of that, we suggest you create your project with us (how about joining us?).

See the Summer Hack Day video

Summer Hack Day – no limits!

The idea of a Hack Day is always the same – let’s meet, let’s code, let’s present, and then let’s win. Hold on! Where is all the FUN? That was the question we asked at the very beginning, when drafting the first idea for this Hack Day. And it got clear – this time there would be no limits in subjects! What else? A LAN party seemed to be the answer.

It all started on Wednesday morning. All participants could code on whatever subject they wished. They were powered by loads of carbs (pizza, pasta, cookies) and stayed hydrated by the beverages they needed. The outcome surpassed all expectations! And it’s not only the fact that by Thursday morning we got 23 projects. It was also the level of what we were presented with.

And the winner is…

Just before we tell you who won and you judge it yourself, have a look at some of the 23 creative ideas developed during these 24 hours.

Nastrojomat 3000

Developed by the team in the Gdańsk office, the application measures the mood in the office. Every person can mark how they feel and the app shows the overall mental status. Imagine how helpful that could be?!


Working on the moodmeter


Team: Maciej Kosiedowski, Mateusz Jaszewski, Kacper Sieradziński


A Google extension integrated with one of the most popular dating platform in Poland that brings going out to the next level. Now you can add extra annotations visible only to yourself, search your data and make appointments with your special one(s) directly in Google Calendar.

Team: Marek Popkowicz, Rafał Pisarczyk, Marek Strzeszyński, Arkadiusz Stasiak

STP Employee app

It happens all the time: you need to call your colleague and all of a sudden you realize, you don’t have their contact details. Fear this situation no more! With this application, you have all details at your fingertips! Find your team-mate, call them directly or write them an email.


Team: Jacek Kwiecien


At Schibsted Tech Polska we like sport. In particular, we value Foosball 😀 With this application it is now possible to know the availability of the table! It indicates when it’s taken, so you don’t need to rush to the room. Not only does it tell you when it’s free. The app will also help yo find the missing fourth team-mate!

Screenshot Screenshot_20160908-151615

Team: Łukasz Tlałka, Małgorzata Gadzała

And finally, the winner: Next Gen Foosball

Yes, we do like Foosball 😉 But that is not the only reason for this victory. Have a look at this video and you will know it all. This table comments on every goal! Moreover, the sensors connected to its sockets send the results to the large screen, allowing each player to see the timeline of the goals. Fun, entertaining and great!


Technologies used

Team: Damian Petla, Michał Waśniewski, Mariusz Brzeski, Piotr Limanowski, Remigiusz Ambroziak

The team in the Gdansk office cheers as one of their projects is declared the winner

The team in the Gdansk office cheers as one of their projects is declared the winner

Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 8, 2016