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Jan Gurda

EM Payments Gateway, Kraków

RDS Database Connection Pooling

This article presents our experience and practices we got while working with MySQL engine running on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). I focus especially on the connection layer and tweaking of Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool.

How to use the AWS Identity and Access Management Service

Learn how to use the Identity and Access Management service from Amazon Web Services. This video is from an internal workshop organized at Schibsted Tech Polska.

AWS: Services overview and global infrastructure

This article is a very short introduction to Amazon Web Services. It includes a video filmed during the workshops I was teaching at Schibsted Tech Polska. 

Mocking Amazon SQS with ElasticMQ

This article presents our experience with using ElasticMq as a substitution for Amazon Web Service’s Simple Queue Service (SQS) for black box testing of a single microservice application.