Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published April 19, 2018

Summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska – 2018 Edition – Gdańsk

Starting career as a software engineer? There is not better way than joining our team of passionate engineers & work on code that matters. Read about our summer internship in 2018!

Introducing Schibsted Internship 2018 edition! The idea is simple. We are looking for a few young talents to join our permanent teams & work on #codethatmatters. If you are brave enough to spend your summer holidays on learning & improving knowledge of new technologies, you are in the right place!

Ok, I’m interested. What are the requirements?

First of all, our offices are in both Kraków & Gdansk, so you need to be able to work on a daily basis in either of those locations. Our program is tailored to IT or any other related subject students (years 3-5).

The rest of it depends on the projects, here is the list of technologies:

If you’re interested in Kraków job positions, check out this article.

But most of my friends will SPAM my Instagram wall with pictures from vacation, so you better have something interesting!

Yes, we know. Working in the summer is hard, but believe us, most of us went through this. The weather is still good in September, and you can save some money until then because our internship is paid (3000 PLN gross/month).

Serious salary means serious work. You get the full mentor support throughout the internship – an experienced developer from the team you’re going to join. He will guide through the tech setup and encourage you & assist in learning brand new things.

If you like to post pictures on the Internet, you still got your chances. Our internship ends with a memorable trip to Stockholm or Oslo (depends if the team works with Swedish or Norwegians).

Ok, great! Which of the teams I can join?

Gdansk internship

Let’s have a look at the list of Gdańsk positions:

JavaScript/Frontend – KickBack
KickBack is a company running coupon/deals website in few European countries, including Poland. You can check it out here. We’re looking for a person interested to develop his Javascript in either Frontend or Backend frameworks.

iOS/Android Developer – Let’s Deal Sweden
Let’s Deal Sweden is another Scandinavian startup focused on delivering the best internet deals to its customers. The team is currently working on the brand new version of the website for the Swedish market. We’re looking for a person that could help them with developing Let’s Deal mobile applications. We need the IT student focused on developing skills in coding either Android or iOS applications.

All right, what’s the plan?

To keep everything tidy & don’t bother you with a wall of text, we’ve got the infographic that will guide through the process:

If you can remember only two things from this infographic, keep in mind the following dates:

  • 08.05 – Job Fair at Politechnika Gdańska
  • 21.05 – The deadline for sending applications


Now it’s time to smash that Apply now button.

Last year we got well over 400 applications, so we wouldn’t recommend waiting for a long time. Good luck and see you on our tests!
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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published April 19, 2018