Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published February 29, 2016

Summer Internship at the right place

The internship program at Schibsted Tech Polska opens its gates once again! So get yourselves ready for the adventure in the world of real programming.

How we do it?

Watch our video to see how to apply and listen to the stories of our interns whose adventure at Schibsted Tech Polska started long time ago.

What is so special about our internship?

“This internship is probably the best one on the market”, says Daniel Bryła who joined the company as an intern last year. Once the program was over, Daniel was offered a software engineer position at Schibsted Tech Polska.

In Schibsted Tech Polska we believe that young programmers are a vital support for our internal team. Every intern gets their own tasks and a senior mentor who guides them through the whole eight weeks. What is more, we pay for their work.

This internship is a great opportunity to improve different professional skills, starting with business English, through web and mobile development, and finishing with practical experience in agile managed software development.

Also, every year the interns go to Oslo or Stockholm to meet the teams they work with and to present the results of their work. And this year will be no different!

Ready to join?

We are looking for the best of those who:

  • Have passion for web development, mobile applications and/or frontend
  • Are known for deep understanding of JavaScript and HTML5 (practical experience would be great!) or are Java geeks
  • Are English speakers not afraid of working with Norwegian Product Owners
  • Are finishing university rather sooner than later (or being available for full time or 4/5 time job after holidays)

It is very common for the interns to stay with us when the internship is over.

“You can easily accommodate working at Schibsted Tech Polska with your studies. I did that as well, with a part-time job contract and flexible office hours”, says Maciej Prokopiuk, who has worked at Schibsted Tech Polska for 2,5 years.

It’s worth mentioning that the office in Krakow is located only 5 minutes away from AGH University of Science and Technology.

Summer internship: how to get one?

The answer is: APPLY!

The application period starts on February 29 and ends in April (for Kraków located internship) or June (for Gdańsk located internship).


“Don’t be shy! Show off your achievements! If you have worked on any projects, remember to mention that during the interview”, says Piotr Podolski, who joined Schibsted Tech Polska as an intern in 2014 and has been with the company since then.

"It is important to be yourself", says Maciej Prokopiuk

“It is important to be yourself”, says Maciej Prokopiuk

The application process is very simple. It takes sending a CV to internship@schibsted.pl. The best candidates are contacted by Marta Marczykowska who will invite them to tests in our office. The tests check the level of English, which is our working language, and general knowledge. Last, but not least, the students select technology they want to work with (Java, Frontend, iOS or Android) and their knowledge is evaluated. Following this section, we want the respective teams to get to know each other, so the students are invited to have a chat with different team leaders. This is it!

Schibsted Tech Polska is a unique place for talented people with passions. You can become a part of our company and experience that yourself! Remember this email address: internship@schibsted.pl.

Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published February 29, 2016