Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published July 11, 2018

Summer internship 2018 – kick off

Another record-breaking edition of our summer internship!

On July 2nd exactly 11 software engineers kicked-off 2018 edition of our summer internship! The winning eleven consists of 9 students starting in Kraków & 2 in the Gdańsk office. They were the best among several hundreds of students during our tests and interviews.

This year we received almost 600 applications, which is a record-breaking number (six times higher in comparison to 2014). But the number is not the most important factor. The quality of sent CVs is improving significantly year by year, as well as a percentage of applications from women – with 30% of total applications this time. Schibsted Tech Polska is dedicated to helping women joining the IT industry by organizing Frontend & Git Hub workshops we’ve organized in the first quarter.

Code that matters

Code that matters – that’s a #1 rule for our summer internship. Forget about fake environments, training scenarios or lack of mutual trust. If you start an internship in Schibsted Tech Polska, you get a chance to work on a real production code & push commits that will end up on web & mobile applications used by thousands of customers.

Being simply thrown into a deep water wouldn’t work without a proper support. In each of the teams inviting interns, there is a dedicated mentor helping youngsters with any concerns they might have throughout two months.

The last pillar of well-prepared internships is modern technologies. There is no point in developing skills in technologies that soon will disappear from the market, that’s why we always convince our interns to learn the latest frameworks & programming languages.

Great group of talented interns in Kraków, mostly Frontend with one QA & Java

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This year is (almost) all about Frontend

This year’s internship is mostly about Frontend – 8 out of 11 interns are Javascript enthusiasts, with addition of Android, QA and Java developer. However, each year is slightly different – be prepared to do code that matters.

Jakub (Android) & Paweł (Frontend) – our two interns in Gdańsk

It’s not yet the time to talk about the 2019 edition, but we definitely aim to keep expanding our internship programs! Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow the Facebook page to not miss the future openings. With the number of applications being this high, we usually start recruiting in April and finish at the end of May.

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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published July 11, 2018