Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published September 25, 2014

Do not want to be coding experts in secret

They are coding experts – and love to share. This weekend you can listen to Schibsted Tech Polska employees at both Meet.js Summit in Poznan and PHPCon in Szczyrk.

By John Einar Sandvand

Schibsted Tech Polska encourages its employees to share their knowledge, not only internally, but also with programmers from other companies or students at universities.

And regularly some of our programmers are selected to give presentations on programming conferences in Poland.

This weekend two Schibsted Tech Polska programmers are presenting:

Introduction to functional reactive programming

Artur Skowroński joined Schibsted Tech Polska in February 2014 – and is part of a team working with Polaris Media Group in Trondheim, Norway.  He works both with Java and Javascript. 

His speech at Meet.js Summit is based on work he has done for his Master thesis at the AGH university in Krakow. 

– I really like giving presentations. It gives me a chance to share knowledge with programmers who are interested in what I have to say and to make them enthusiastic about topics I am into myself, he says.

Here is a four minute summary Artur made for colleagues in Schibsted Tech Polska during the company´s monthly “super demo”:

How to build behavior driven teams

Karol Sójko in Schibsted Tech Polska. Photo: John Einar Sandvand

Karol Sójko. Photo: John Einar Sandvand

Karol Sójko is leading Schibsted Tech Polska´s so-called SEALs team in Gdansk. The SEALs team is an internal consulting unit for Schibsted companies.

He describes himself as a big fan of Behavior Driven Development and open source software. In Gdansk he has been one of the organizers of local PHP meetups.

PHPCon gathers several hundred PHP developers from all over Poland and also from other countries.

Karol´s presentation is about “Building Behavior Driven Teams”.

– Many teams in their development process tend to focus on answering the question “how” instead of “why”. This leads to many misunderstandings which in turn decrease productivity and pleasure of working, he explains.

– In my presentation I want to introduce Behavior Driven Development (BDD) which is one of the ways to improve communication within a team. I will share my knowledge on how to start with BDD in your company and say a couple of words about things like StoryBDD, SpecBDD and living documentation. Taking my team as a use case I will also speak about how BDD helped us in understanding each other and making software that matters.

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Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published September 25, 2014