How Schibsted will compete with Google and Facebook

Schibsted´s biggest competitors are not other media houses, but Google, Facebook and Linkedin, says Frode Eilertsen, EVP for Strategy and Digital Transformation.

At the recent Media Business 2014 – 2018 conference in Oslo Frode Eilertsen outlined how Schibsted Media Group will meet the competition from global internet giants, such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The presentation is an executive summary of the digital transformation strategy of Schibsted, involving also most of the brands Schibsted Tech Polska is working with.

Frode Eilertsen is part of the top management in Schibsted Media Group and responsible for strategy and digital transformation. In the presentation he describes how Schibsted is putting much resources into gathering and analyzing user data. He also lays out plans for common technical platforms.

– Combined, a Schibsted ecosystem can build a user profile that even surpasses the global giants, he says.

Considering applying for a job in Schibsted Tech Polska? This presentation may give you an idea about the vision and global ambitions you will be part of.

Here are the presentation slides

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