Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published July 6, 2016

Record interest in summer internship at Schibsted Tech Polska

Chosen from almost 300 applicants: This week 13 students started their summer internship at Schibsted Tech Polska.

The interest in summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska has never been bigger. 290 students applied for the internship program this year, an increase of 70 per cent from the year before.

Never have more students been accepted into the program either! 12 summer interns in Krakow and one in Gdansk is the highest number ever.

60 of the 290 applicants – or 20,1 per cent – were girls.

Work on real projects

Lots of software engineering companies in Krakow and Gdansk are offering summer internship programs. So what is so special about Schibsted Tech Polska´s program?

Two things, according to recruitment specialist Marta Marczykowska, who is the lead organizer of the internship program.

“The best part is that they are involved in real projects, not just bug-fixing or technical cleaning, like in many other companies. And in the projects they get to use the most modern technologies,” she says.

“On top of that, many find it very attractive that a trip to Scandinavia is part of the summer internship program.”

Fell in love with Schibsted

Anna-Maria Shkarlinska, a 21 year old student from Ukraine, explains that Schibsted Tech Polska made a huge impression on her when researching possible internships in Krakow.

“I came across Schibsted Tech Polska and watched all the videos and read all the information I could find on the company website.  And I must say: I really fell in love with the company and the atmosphere that I felt!”

Anna-Maria Shkarlinska is studying for her Master degree in computer science at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Her passion is developing for iOS. In Schibsted Tech Polska she will work on developing a new version of the popular Norwegian weather app Pent.no.


Anna-Maria Shkarlinska gets help from her mentor at Schibsted Tech Polska, iOS developer Michał Apanowicz

– What was your first impression of Schibsted Tech Polska?

“It was great! No more words are needed!”

– Why?

“People are so nice. Everyone wants to help, they even ask me if I need help with anything.”

Applied because of culture

Mateusz Dziubek (22) heard about Schibsted Tech Polska from a brother of his friend.

“He works in Schibsted Tech Polska and told me about a very interesting work culture.  Just the small fact that the whole company gathers for breakfast every Thursday morning amazed me! Then I watched all the movies from the company – and it all impressed me!”


“I am attracted by the many opportunities software engineering offers,” says summer intern Mateusz Dziubek

– What is your first impression of being a summer intern at Schibsted Tech Polska?

“It is exactly as I thought it would be! I get a lot of help from others. The atmosphere is great, like when we took the group photo of the interns that is the main picture of this article. The overall culture is exactly what I needed after a former work experience!”

Mateusz studies automation and robotics at Cracow University of Technology. As for software engineering, he is self-taught.

“I was overwhelmed by the opportunities offered by software engineering! By that I don´t only mean the high salaries, but the ability to work in every field possible and to make your own start-up. ”

During his summer internship, Mateusz will work as an Android developer for the Swedish weather app Klart.se.

Huge increase in applicants

The number of applicants to the summer internship program has increased dramatically every year.

In 2014 about 100 students applied. The year after the number increased to 170. And this year, Schibsted Tech Polska received no less than 290 applications.

Of the applicants, more than 200 students were invited for technical tests at Schibsted Tech Polska and 40 were invited for face-to-face interview. In the end 13 students were selected.

“The main purpose of the program is to introduce students to our company and show them how the full application process works. But it is also an investment on our part: We would like to hire the interns if they prove to be as good as we think! ” says recruitment specialist Marta Marczykowska.

More girls want summer internship

Marta is very pleased to see that as many as 60 girls applied for the summer internship. As many software companies, Schibsted Tech Polska struggles to recruit female software engineers. Currently, only 8,3 percent of the software engineer and technical positions in the company are filled by women.

“But fortunately it seems that more girls choose to study computer science,” she says.

“We also notice it when we participate at job fairs for students. Last year only 2-3 girls would visit our information booth per day on such fairs. This year we experienced that one fifth of the students interested in our company were girls. That is very encouraging!”

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The summer internship video

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Written by John Einar Sandvand
Communications Manager - product & tech
Published July 6, 2016