Katarzyna Kowalczyk new Country Manager for Schibsted Tech Polska

Katarzyna Kowalczyk new Country Manager for Schibsted Tech Polska

Katarzyna Kowalczyk will start as Country Manager for Schibsted Tech Polska in Poland.

Katarzyna Kowalczyk has been CFO in Schibsted Tech Polska (STP) since 2013. In her new role, she will be responsible for the overall management of STP´s operations in both Krakow and Gdansk. She will still also function as CFO.

Schibsted Tech Polska has around 170 employees in Krakow and Gdansk. Almost all are software engineers working for many different companies and units in Schibsted Media Group.  

“Unique company”

“It is a fantastic opportunity to take part in developing this unique company further. In STP we are privileged to work with a big variety of Scandinavian companies, from the leading media houses to start-ups, ecommerce sites and others. It is a very dynamic environment with many different technologies used to create innovative products.  I look forward to lead the next step in STP´s journey together with enthusiastic and highly-skilled colleagues,” says Katarzyna Kowalczyk.

As Country Manager, Katarzyna Kowalczyk will lead the STP management team, work with the strategy of the company and build a good and constructive company culture across the offices in Krakow and Gdansk.

Leading tech hub

“Katarzyna Kowalczyk is doing an excellent job as CFO for Schibsted Tech Polska, and we are pleased that she is willing to step up as Country Manager. She has already been a member of the STP management team for several years and knows both the company and the whole Schibsted structure very well.  With her wide experience, she will play a crucial role in developing further STP´s role as a leading tech hub for Schibsted,” says Morten Jacobsen, chairman of the board of STP.

Before joining STP in 2013,  Katarzyna Kowalczyk was a functional manager at PwC in Katowice. She has also long experience as a statutory auditor at KPMG.

The new Country Manager starts in her role immediately.

Schibsted Tech Polska´s office in Gdansk has about 45 employees. Most of the teams work with Swedish partner companies.

Schibsted Tech Polska´s office in Krakow have about 120 employees. Most of them work with media houses in Scandinavia.

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