Enthusiastic colleagues on a rescue mission

Enthusiastic colleagues on a rescue mission

The Schibsted Tech Polska Summer Event 2016 was all about survival and learning to help each other in emergencies.

For the fifth year in a row: The Schibsted Tech Polska Summer Event! A day of fun team building followed by a company party in the evening.

This year the trip went to Zakopane – in the mountain area south in Poland. 125 employees from Krakow and Gdansk joined.

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Rescue mission

The theme for the event was “rescue mission”. Through a wide range of activities, the employees learned how to rescue others in an emergency situation.

Afterward barbecue food was served in the beautiful landscape in Lejowa valley – and in the late hours the participants gathered for a lounge party at Nosalowy Dwór Residence in Zakopane.

Photos from the event

All photos: Tadek Jezier



Is this where the Sheep-sted Tech Polska summer event is?

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