Student loves to share his programming knowledge

Student loves to share his programming knowledge

He is 22 years old and has already presented at Poland´s largest conference for Java developers.  -I love to share my knowledge, says software developer Tomasz Lelek.

By John Einar Sandvand

Still a student, Tomasz Lelek (pictured above together with colleague Marcin Godyn) joined Schibsted Tech Polska one year ago after a summer as intern. But his young age has not stopped him from applying to present at prestigious programming conferences.

In July he was one of the speakers at Confitura in Warsaw, the largest conference for Java developers in Poland.  Presentations are selected by poll among several hundred programmers – and 70 per cent of those voting gave Lelek´s topic a yes vote.

This week he was the keynote speaker at Krakow Scala User Group, talking to fellow coders in the Google for Entrepreneurs offices in Krakow.

– I want to show others how software can be developed differently than before, says Lelek.

Micro services

The presentations have focused on use of micro services in software development.  – Java developers often work on big and monolithic projects. Any change can have huge impact on other parts of the code, explains Tomasz Lelek.  He advocates micro services as a better approach in many projects, in which different functions are deployed as small independent services.

Summary of presentation

Here is a five minute summary of Tomasz Lelek´s latest presentation: How to build micro services using Scalatra and Scala.

Integrating payment on news site

Tomasz Lelek works in the team of Schibsted Tech Polska´s partner Distribution Innovation, a company specializing in software for distribution of newspapers.  The biggest project of the team relates to invoicing of customers. It is a complex project with many functionalities, and the team is trying to use micro services when adding functionalities.

The young developer now starts his studies for Master in Applied Computer Science at Jagellionian University in Krakow while working for Schibsted Tech Polska.

– Will there be more presentations?

– I would love to do it again. I have submitted proposals for two other conferences, so let us see.

Tomasz Lelek presenting in Krakow Scala User Group at the Google for Entrepreneurs on August 25.

Tomasz Lelek presenting in Krakow Scala User Group at the Google for Entrepreneurs on August 25.


Tomasz Lelek in Schibsted Tech Polska

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