Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 11, 2019

A new Schibsted identity

Welcome to the new Schibsted.pl website, marking a new entry in the history of Schibsted operations in Poland.

It’s been 7 years since Schibsted decided to open a new office in Kraków, to improve the speed of the digital transformation of its own news media companies. Do you remember how your smartphone looked back then? Have you used the same services on a daily basis?

The world has evolved and so we did. Today Schibsted Tech Polska has over 215 employees that are working across all the company business operations including brand new industries that has emerged since then.

What’s changing?

You can. Our Polish operations were always focused on software development, but today the whole company has become a family of digital consumer brands. The need for differentiating ourselves has vanished, and that combined with our strong connection with the rest of the group built throughout the years makes us proud to use Schibsted branding alone.

The division, not the company

While browsing our brand new website you may still see a Schibsted logo with a “Tech Polska” descriptor. This website is all about are tech operations in Poland, if you wish to read about all our operations, you should head to https://schibsted.com.

Our new visual identity is sober and classic. The most important changes are:

Our new logotype is a wordmark, the full Schibsted name, to make it easier to recognize the company. We have left out ”Tech Polska” to embrace being closely connected to the rest of the company. The logo is black as default, but can also be white when needed for good visibility.

New symbol
The capital ”S” in the logotype has also become a symbol which can be used instead of the logotype in contexts where Schibsted is well known; mostly internally to start with. This symbol can be used in all our new colors.

New color palette
We have a new range of colors divided into three categories: neutrals, accent and primary. We use the neutrals when Schibsted is presented together with our other product brands and the primary colors when Schibsted is in focus by itself. Amongst the accent colors there’s a nice red color to add a warm contrast.

Brand pattern
The pattern in the “S” in both the logotype and symbol has become a graphic element in itself which can be used as background in presentations and on for example walls as a brand reminder.

­­The new profile will help us get a coherent look throughout Schibsted’s platforms and in our offices. It is already coming to life in our main offices in Oslo and Stockholm with the new logo on signs, new colors, messages and the pattern. It will also support our common Schibsted login, which is crucial for getting access to our user’s data.


My vision is that Schibsted will be a supporting foundation for all our brands. I hope our new visual identity and brand strategy will aid us in our efforts to foster collaboration and common development, as well as helping us come across as an attractive employer for both existing and future employees.” explains Kristin Skogen Lund, Schibsted’s CEO.

This foundation is symbolized by the dots or pixels in the “S” – the brand pattern – which creates movement and confluence where the arches meet. The idea behind this is called ”a unifying force that brings people and brands together.” It underlines that Schibsted is its parts – its brands – and that we’re stronger together.

A New slogan

We also have a new communication concept, or slogan, built on our long history and our foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation. This new message is “Rethinking things since 1839”, although for our recruitment purposes we stick to “For passionate engineers” in our local context.

Legal changes

From the legal point of view, for all the practical purposes, we stick to the official “Schibsted Tech Polska sp. z o.o.” naming of the company.

So there you have it, we hope you like the new website and the design esthetic. This is just the beginning – our minds are full of ideas, and some of them are already in the works. Here is a new company video summarizing all the changes to our visual identity:

Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published September 11, 2019