Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published May 23, 2018

Beyond the Code #06 – Working in a distributed team

If you work in a big IT company you’re most likely in a distributed team setup. With that comes many challenges and minimizing obvious drawbacks of working across different locations is not an easy task.

What is also not easy is recording of podcast live, in front of over 150 guests during the company event. But that’s exactly what we’ve done. This time the whole episode is done in English, because for the first time we have a foreign guest – Mark Pasternak – who has extensive experience with management of remote & distributed teams.

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A quick reminder. The idea of Beyond the Code is simple. We would like to focus on different sets of skills that might be useful for software engineers, which are not coding/programming/prototyping, etc. You can expect new episodes, around 30 minutes long, every second Wednesday.

We’ve already published several episodes of our podcast – check them out if you still haven’t :). Please note that we’ve decided to run the podcast in Polish, although we are still planning to invite several foreign guests for episodes recorded in English.

Episode 6 – Working in a distributed team

By listening to this episode you will get answers to these questions:

  • Which meeting format is the toughest in a distributed team enviroment?
  • How to create a feeling that everyone is working in the same team?
  • How often you should meet in the same location?


  • This is a special episode, thus we’re not providing a detailed timeline


  • Nothing this time

Recorded by:

  • Robert FijaƂkowski
  • Mark Pasternak
  • Artur Glier
  • Joanna Derks

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Written by Robert Fijalkowski
Published May 23, 2018