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Integration Testing Deep Dive Part II

1. Introduction   In the first part of this article we implemented many integration tests covering the most common external services that most applications use, including databases and REST APIs. We also looked at the exact setup that is needed to create an efficient integration tests suite for your application,

Integration Testing Deep Dive Part I

1. Overview   Professionals well-versed in  The Testing Pyramid recognize the pivotal role Integration Tests play in contemporary backend (micro)services development. In this article I will try to make a deep dive into one of my favourite ways of setting up Integration Tests suite for Java/Kotlin applications. It encompasses a

Testing Java/Kotlin code with Spock

Read about the best Spock’s features to learn how to smoothly test Java/Kotlin applications in a more expressive and readable manner.

Anonymizing logs for GDPR using Logback pattern layout

Logs are usually super useful, but they can also be a trap in a GDPR world. Effective ways of anonymizing them might become in handy.